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GAAP of Friendship as issued by the Rokkin' IASB of The Corporation


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During our time investigating claims of insider trading and corporate espionage, we got to know The Corporation on a level that usually ended up at the sleazy strip club down the road from their headquarters. After a few nights of cheap gin and equally cheap strippers, it became clear that we shared very similar values, especially since Archer was paying.




Having reviewed their yearly financials and received clearance from our own Board of Directors, Ragnarok hereby accepts The Corporation's Bribe Money.

Article I: Sovereignty

Both alliances agree not to infringe on each other's rights as separate and sovereign alliances.

Article II: Friendship

The signatories agree to remain cordial and respectful towards each other at all times. Should any issues arise, both signatories agree to attempt to resolve them in private.

Article III: Mutual Defense

An attack on one of these signatories is an attack on the other. In the event of a defensive war, each signatory is expected to come to the immediate defense of the other militarily, financially, and diplomatically.

Article IV: Optional Aggression

In the event of an offensive war by either signatory, assistance may be requested. While encouraged to do so, this assistance is given at the signatories discretion. Refusal of assistance in this case is not considered grounds for cancellation of this pact.

Article: V: Cancellation

In the unfortunate event that one signatory should feel that they need to cancel this treaty, they may do so with 48 hour notice. Before such a decision is reached, the signatories agree to make every attempt to resolve any issues that may lead to such a possible decision. agreed upon by both alliances.

Signed for Ragnarok:

Van Hoo III, Emperor of Ragnarok

AlfredvonTirpitz, Regent

Wombaticus, Vice-Regent

Jekalle, High Chancellor

Kinzer, Vice-Chancellor

Rampage3, Consul

Signed for The Corporation:

iClean, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McDonald, Chairman of the Board

Jon Archer, Chief Operating Officer

Legend, Chief Administrative Officer

Obiwan, Chief Financial Officer

Valves, Chief Security Officer

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I take full responsibility for the title of this treaty.

That being said, I blame Archer...

o/ RoK

o/ Corp

(Also, yes, GAAP = Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and IASB = International Accounting Standards Board. Good job TimLee!)

Damn Accounting Class >,<

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When did that happen? :huh:

Glad to have this upgraded. :D

o/ RoK

You passed out - check your credit card receipt. The handwriting will look suspiciously close to that of Hoo's.

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