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Factbook of the Queendom of Australia

Sarah Tintagyl

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The Queendom of Australia


Name(Official): The Queendom of Australia

Name(Unofficial): Australia

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

General Overview: The Queendom of Australia is a large monarchical state on the continent of Oceania, it is the conglomeration of two states, these being the Hanseatic Commonwealth, which had made up the Duchy of Brisbane, Micronesia, and the Pacific Islands and the Republic of Promised Land, making up the Duchies of Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin. Following periods of massive instability in both the Commonwealth and the Republic, a unification movement started by then, Hanseatic Potentate Hannah Asgeirsson saw the beginning of unification under a single crown. This achievable due to the already strong executive branches of government in both predecessor states.

Following unification, the Queendom embarked on a policy of internal development and has only recently begun to expand their foreign policy to the international level, brokering deals with Furon to govern the new County of Taiwan. Australia reflects itself as a strong regional power, continental power in both Asia and Oceania, and as an influential world power, still holding the foreign policy power that was achieved by the Tintagylist movement during the Commonwealth.

Australia is home to an extremely diverse population of peoples. Following the Hanseatic exodus from Finland, the continent is home to people of English, Welsh, and Finnish origin, the Finnish predominantly in Brisbane and the neighboring territory. The Queendom also supports a large Marchar population in Brisbane and on the Polynesian Islands, while a large Nordic and Fuyo/Kyo-Clan ancestries, while a Taiwanese/Palintinan population makes up the majority of the ethnic background on Taiwan. While this massive diversity has caused problems in the past, especially between Fuyo/Kyo/Nordic and the Finnish population in the Duchy of Brisbane following the Valkyrie War. However for the most part, the Queendom is unified under a banner of diversity and mass respect for the Queen and Grand Duke.

Capital: Darwin

Head of State: Queen Hannah I Asgeirsson

Head of Government: Queen Hannah I Asgeirsson / Grand Duke Anthony Harlem

The Council of Duchies:

-Royal Duchy of Darwin - Benjamin R. Wallace

-Duchy of Perth - Westly Davies

-Duchy of Adelaide - Daniel Jackson

-Duchy of Brisbane - Sarah Tintagyl

-Duchy of Micronesia - Andrew Sagittel

-Duchy of the Pacific Islands - Malachi Taylor

-Duchy of Tasmania - Nigel Lupin

-County of Taiwan - Xia Hsiung

Currency: Australian Dollar

Economic Overview: WIP

Population: 35,000,000


-English (43%)

-Finnish (16%)

-Welsh (5%)

-Marchar (4%)

-Aboriginal (9%)

-Other European (3%)

-Asian (20%)


-Christian (48%) (63% Protestant) (37% Roman Catholic)

-Atheist/Agnostic (18%)

-Islamic (4%)

-Judaic (2%)

-Buddhist (9%)

-Norse Pagan (1.5%)

-Aboriginal (8.5%)

-Other (8%)

Military Overview: WIP

Edited by Sarah Tintagyl
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