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Ultimate Fighters Pact


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The following alliances of the United Soldiers Corp (USC) and The Ultimate Fighting Chaps (UFC) hereby affirm their friendship with this Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty.

Article I:

Neither of the undersigned alliances shall declare war or otherwise engage in offensive action against each other. Neither of the undersigned alliances may aid the enemy of the other undersigned alliance during the time of an ongoing conflict. Should military action be taken by a single nation from one alliance against another, the defending nation may take action, but diplomatic action is to be taken before any further military action is to take place.

Article II:

Members of both alliances are highly discouraged from publicly stating inflammatory remarks. They are, however, not prohibited from such remarks and may be suspended from other lines of communication, but any statements of disrespect may be looked upon as a stain on relations between both signatories.

Article III:

Neither alliance shall engage in espionage activities against the other alliance. Neither alliance shall aid the enemy of any of the undersigned, be it military aid, coercion, or any other forms of aid.

Article IV:

Both alliances may request help from each other in the time of military or political conflict, be it direct or indirect military aid, intelligence information, or political pressure. Alliances are expected to fulfill these requests, but are ultimately not obligated to do so.

Article V:

Both alliances are expected to generally share intelligence information, and to voice their support for each other in the political arena.

Article VI:

Should any of these terms be violated, this document may be terminated immediately. Should either party wish to terminate this document for any other reason, they are to give a notification of the cancellation 48 hours prior to the actual cancellation.


For the UFC

Champs - Ty Blaze & Gary "The-Ice-Man" Leger

MoFA- The Dean of Mean

MoIA- Kimbo Slice


General- The Reccesion

Secretary of Internal Affairs- Hardcore15

Edited by The Reccesion
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