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Joint Greater Pacifican - Dai Etania Teikoku announcement


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Greater Pacifica and Haruhiist Japan share a long and fruitful rapport dating back to its original inception. A bond which while tried at times has remained strong. Today we cement that bond with the renewal of the Treaty of Karafuto, this time with our friends in the newly established successor state Dai Etania Teikoku.

Treaty of Karafuto

In the spirit of endearing interest in the mutual sovereignty and independence of one another the states of Greater Pacifica, and Dai Etania Teikoku do hereby proclaim the following pact. These terms shall be solid and binding as they are written and shall remain in effect hence forth until dissolution of this agreement.

Article I: Sovereignty

The Sovereignty of both nations shall not be questioned or otherwise infringed upon by either. Each nation will be expected to abstain from military acts of aggression, acts of espionage or the effecting of economic sanctions when such actions are directed at a signatory to this pact.

Article II: Mutual Defense

Any declaration of war upon a member of either signatory is considered an act of aggression to the undersigned signatories. Peace will only be offered through mutual consent of the alliances represented by the undersigned. Diplomatic channels will remain open to ensure that all signatories are aware of any potential threats developing to either alliances' safety. In the event either signatory declares war via activation of another treaty, and therefore requests the other signatory's assistance after coming under attack, the mandatory defense is then considered optional defense.

Article III: Optional Aggression

i) Should either signatory choose to execute or participate in a policy of aggressive war, economic sanctions, or otherwise; each signatory is encouraged but not obligated to support this policy by whatever means they deem appropriate.

ii) In the event of such a policy this article may constitute an independent legal casus belli.

Article IV: Cancellation

i) Should Article I be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.

ii) Should Article II be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to either dissolve the pact in its entirety, or dissolve all but article I for a 47 hour grace period.

iii) Should either nation come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 47 hours after either private or public notification of the activation of Article V.


For Greater Pacifica:


H.M Ryn Atrevier, King of Greater Pacifica

Rex Pacifica

For Dai Etania Teikoku

Emperor Takeo

Empress Haruhi Suzumiya

As a secondary announcement the Northern Mariana's and Guam are to be ceded to Greater Pacifica, an arrangement long in the making.

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