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2009 CN Awards - Other Categories Thread 3



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Rules can be found here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...t&p=2040870

Also, nobody gave me links to everyone's sig/avatar, or even most of them, so nothing provided in reference to that.

Best Player Quote

MackBot: <MackBot> you guys also dont suck bones like I do

Boy: who not

Sargun: <Sargun> MOUNT. !@#$@#$. TERROR.

treygreen13: Citizens of Niger, please.


Dear Planet Bob,

I come to speak with an opinion on this here thread. Although many a bright mind have posted their own strong opinions about shaneprice's leaving of the Grand Global Alliance, and then the open trolling and dissing of said alliance, there are reasons that such a member left. Do not think that he was "kicked out" under "stupid reasons". He was let go for he committed a vile act. Shaneprice was convicted of speaking out against the New Pacific Order and also suggesting that the Grand Global Alliance "leave" OneVision. Now one may think that these reasons are "pathetic", but put your alliance in the shoes of the Grand Global Alliance. How would you take it if a member of leadership were to speak out against an ally who has stuck by your alliance since it's birth, or in this case "rebirth"? With that said, shaneprice was given the option to either leave with a partial good note, or be kicked. I, as Chancellor of the Grand Global Alliance, stand by the decisions of our leadership. Shaneprice nearly brought war to the Grand Global Alliance with his little "outburst". Think about it.

~Dephire, Chancellor of the Grand Global Alliance.

Battalion: <Batallion>: we managed to coordinate a 3-way break-off flank attack on our enemies

Sippyjuice: GOD has violated the NPO.

Jack Diorno: <@Jack|Diorno[Athens]> i banned everyone on #cnsparta

Tequila Mockingbird:

GGA Member: Today I brought a WRC because I was sick of everyone making fun of us, when government found out I was expelled from the alliance for not buying a Federal Aid Commission instead. FML.


You obviously haven't read your Vladimir. You seem to have some misconceptions about what freedom means. I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with bravery.

maguko: <maguko> we don't rape in public anymore


[16:40] <Cortath> Do you understand how the government of the New Pacific Order works?

[16:40] <Francesca[NPO]> Might I ask what you refer to, specifically?

[16:40] <Cortath> No, you may not.

TrotskeysRevenge: You know as well as I do that all alliances accept information.


<Joetrek[ODN]> well Guys I just wanted to Let you all know that I am Being attack be a Retard with nukes


Now called "The Knights who say Ohshi-!"

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