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The New Era Lives!

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Hello Everyone,

If you do not remember me, I'm Mr rosenberger (Rosen, or now Rosenator). I have been a TOOL Member, NATO Member, and a DB4D Member. However, I have also been a New Era leader. I don't know if you recall, but months back I started an alliance called New Era and was doing quite successful during my lead, I had protection with TOOL, then with NATO....but eventually inactivity got the best of New Era and we had to close up shop for a while. A few of us merged into NATO, others went elsewhere, and I returned back to TOOL after a short retreat in NATO.

During New Era's lifetime on Planet Bob, we went through a few obstacles, made mistakes, and even lost friends. There were dark times and there were also bright times. There are many actions that I took as a leader, which made me regret taking them, and well put New Era in a dark time.......But, I come to you today a changed man, one who has learned from his mistakes and is ready to give it another shot.

I know we cannot erase the past, but I would like to take my past experiences and mistakes, and put them into a book, and just look back at them for reference in this New Beginning. I like to think of the old New Era as "never existed".

With the help of old friends and new friends....New Era Lives Again, and this time around we will follow the Win Trail, and look back on the dark times, and look forward to the bright future, with strength.

- - - - - -

So now I present to you, the 'new' New Era!



Article 1: Membership:

1. Must not be on any type of current ZI lists. New Era Gov will do checks on nations.

2. Must have no current wars.

3. Must correctly fill out an application located in the application center

4. Alliance Affiliation must be set to "New Era"

Article 2: New Era Training Program

1. Must successfully complete the New Era University.

-In order to successfully complete the New Era University, you must complete 3 tests.

2. Nations that are experienced in CN will only be required to complete certain tests.

-Only Gov members will decide the experience level of the member.

Article 3: Resigning from New Era

1. Any member of New Era has the choice to leave at any time they choose.

-That member must post a resignation post in the correct area on the forums.

2. The resigning member will be expected to pay debt back to New Era.

-New Era Gov will contact that member and talk about the debt owed back to New Era.

Article 4: Expulsion from New Era

1. Any member of New Era may be expelled at any time with the approval of both the Oracle and the Masters of New Era.

2. If a member of New Era attacks another member of the alliance the aggressor will immediately be removed from the alliance, if attacks continue they will be sent to a state of zero infrastructure at the hand of the alliance.(Unless both parties agree to the war)

Article 5: Alliance Merging

1. Although alliances look negatively at the fact of merging into an alliance when the going is good, certain circumstances may come up that will direct an alliance toward that direction. No vote will be cast in this particular issue, only a discussion between Government and Followers will be held, and the decision will be made within.

2. Another big decision is having a friendly alliance merge into you because of circumstances. In that case New Era government will post a discussion and come up with the decision cordially.

Article 6: Foreign Policy

1. New Era will approach every alliance with the same enthusiasm and peacefulness as the rest.

2. Being a peaceful alliance, any act of war will be firstly discussed and worked to solve, rather than an abrupt war. If issues cannot be resolved, every Follower of New Era is expected to stand up, and fight proudly.

Article 7: Tech Raiding

1. If a Member of New Era is attacked by an Aligned Nation, they have the right to defend themselves. They must however contact a New Era government official to report the attack so negotiations between both said alliances can occur.

Tech Raiding Policy:

1. Under no circumstance are New Era nations granted permission to tech raid aligned or un-aligned nations. Doing so will result in punishment.

(Article May Be Amended)

Article 8: Wars

1. New Era will only participate in a war if it is absolutely necessary, and has already negotiated with alliance partners.

2. New Era will uphold all treaties with loyalty and honor till the end.

3. If an issue leads to a dispute between two different treaties, there will be a New Era government vote and discussion on the best route to take. Said alliances will be contacted before public viewing.

Article 9: Government


Overall leader of New Era, see’s everything through and has final say in everything that becomes a concern in the Alliance. The term is life or until the Oracle Resigns. If an Oracle resigns, he will nominate a New Oracle or the government will take that task. Once member is Nominated, they must pass a 50% vote in favor for him.


-Seer’s are elected on a Two Month basis.

-There job is to assist the Oracle as much as possible, and to help out in each area of the alliance for full coverage.

-It is their duty to produce new ideas, vote on concerning issues, and to support the views of New Era as an outstanding New Era Government Official.

-Only a member who has experience in New Era, has been in the allinace for XXX days, and they must start their own campaign on the designated date, in the designated area to make it to the polls.

-After their term, they will have the chance to run again, against the competition.

-No Seer is alowed to run 3 terms in a row, unless turn out is down and they are granted permission to run again.


Masters are responsible for directing and guiding there department to greatness. They have the final say in there department but may be overruled at the Oracles wish. They can pick up one Apprentice for there department to help run things more smoothly. Their term is life or until they resign. If a Master resigns, the resigning Master has the choice to nominate a member to take his/her spot, the Oracle must agree on a replacement and must be followed by a 50% or higher vote by the Government.

--Master of Internal Systems

In charge of the Inside, this government member will conduct projects to uphold the alliances Internal Structure, and to push New Era along smoothly. Areas that will be under persons control would be, but not limited to Recruitment, Education, Enrollment, etc.

--Master of External Policy

The Director of Foreign Affairs is in charge of everything to do with foreign policy with other alliances. He/She is responsible for running the department and keeping everythig up to date and organized.

--Master of Defense

The Master of Defense is in charge of the safety and well being of the alliance. He/She is responsible for finding ghosts and keeping the military organized and always ready in case of war. Their duty relies solely to the protection of the alliance.

--Master of Economics

The Master of Economics is in charge of the money flow of New Era. He/She is responsible to get aid out to victims at war and keep the bank always running without flaw and organized. He/she has the power to accept/deny any type of aid request.

--Master of Knowledge

The Master of Knowledge' duty is to maintain our Education Department, and to make public all help guides, tips, and hints about Cybernations to each member of New Era. In part they will have duty in masking students, and helping out in the large scale of New Era's University.

Other Members:

Follower: Every member of New Era is a Follower. They are the heart of New Era. Every Follower is equally important as the other. Follower’s are expected to represent the alliance and the charter each and every day they are on CN. Followers have an important role is CN, they can produce any ideas they wish New Era to use at anytime, and each member can share a view on that idea and New Era gov will take that idea into order.

Student: Students are members trying to become Followers of the alliance and are expected to be treated as a member of the alliance. They do not have all the features as full member. Any attack on a student of New Era will be taken as an attack on New Era as a whole and will be dealt with properly. A student may be removed from the alliance with the approval of Oracle without any hesitation if they are showing disrespect to the alliance or anyone in it.

Agent: Agents work in the Foreign Policy system of New Era. There job is to go to designated alliances and produce a good name for New Era, and to create friendships/relationships with other members in Planet Bob. (A.K.A Ambassadors, Diplomats..etc)

Apprentice: An apprentice is 2nd in line to a Master of New Era. They will work under a Master as a Non-Gov member and help run the designated department.

Advisor: Advisors have control over the defense regiments in New Era. They have the duty of personally messaging each member in their regiment, and making sure each member is growing their nation correctly to New Era military standards.

Vote Of No Confidence: The New Era members have the option to try and remove any current member of the gov with a VoNC if they feel they are not performing to the best of there ability. A VoNC must be posted in the HQ and voting follow directly. In order to remove a current government member the citizens must vote 80% or higher. (Voting will last 48 hours.)

Article 10: Amendments

Any Follower of New Era may propose an Amendment to the charter. Once a Amendment has been proposed it will be debated for 48 hours. Voting on the proposed amendment will last another 48 hours.

Signed By:

Oracle of New Era - Rosenator

Master of External Policy - Erik

Feel free to come and say hello in #NewEra on Coldfront.net, and drop by our forums

http://newera-cn.net for diplomacy purposes!

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But what if I expected you to fail? So you won't fail, but you're expected to fail. But you'll also be what is expected.

D: My brain hurts.

Well, my post says to all the supporters.....you didn't post till after...therefore your argument is invalid. :P

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