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The wolf stirs, The rise of the circle of Fenrir.

Prime minister Johns

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Anastasia sat in her ready room behind the bridge reading a book when the door buzzer went off.

"Come in" She said, putting down the book. A tall man in combat armor with a ceremonial axe opened the door and said "Your highness, we have a message from HQ coming in on the radio", "Very well, Sergent" She said and raised her voice a bit so the bridge crew could hear her "What do they want?" she said as she strode out onto the spacious bridge and sat in the bridge command chair.

"They say that the food production plant at Olafstead has been sabotaged, Thane Jorgenson is looking for the culprit as we speak and he is vowing revenge on the one who did it" Said an attractive blond woman who was the bridge communications officer.

Anastasia sunk back in her chair a little, food production was not too good in the other cities and if too much had been lost in Olafstead the she would have to get creative in her solutions if everyone was to be fed.

"How much damage did they do to the plant?" She asked, after about ten minutes of talking and pulling up computer files the First officer, Captain Rodrickson answered, "From what we can gather, the primary heating system for the soy plant and livestock holding area has been damaged and a fire has broken out that killed about half the cattle and thirty workers in the plant."

"Get me Rudja Sthairdottir on the radio and put it through to the phone in my ready room, I will speak with her there. Rodrickson you have the bridge." She replied and left the bridge and went back to her ready room.

After a short while the phone rang, "Mam, we have the minister of Primary Industries on the line, patching you through now." Said the communications officer. "Anne, What do you want?" said Rudja "Have you heard about the incident in Olafstead Rudja?" Anastasia replied. "Yeah, I have some people down there at the moment assessing the damage, but it does not look good. there was an explosion of some sort in the boiler room that tore the roof right off the hydroponics plant, it looks like the crop is mostly wiped out and about half the cattle are dead. we are butchering them now to try and save what we can", Rudja said. "Any word on who did it?" Anastasia said questioningly. "No idea, but Thane Jorgenson would probably know more than me. But he is in a right bad mood at the moment" Rudja replied. "Very well, I will talk to him. Let me know if you hear anything." Anastasia said. "Sure thing, mam. Until we speak again, Strength and honor" Said Rudja and she hung up.

"So half the cattle and most of the cereal crop has been lost, this isn't good" Anastasia thought to herself. "How will I stop this from turning into a disaster?" She went to the bed and flopped down on it and thought for a while.

"perhaps we could expand the whaling fleet this year, that would make up for the losses to the meat stockpile and perhaps have enough left over to trade and buy grain from overseas. But first things first, I need to know who did it." she thought and sat up in bed. She grabbed the phone and dialed up the bridge and spoke, "Get me Thane Jorgenson, Lieutenant. I need to talk to him.", She put down the phone and went back to her desk and turned on the computer to go through the files on the fisheries data while she waited.

About an hour later the phone rang again. "Mam, we have Thane Jorgenson on the line, sorry it took so long. putting him through now" The communications office said. A man with a deep booming voice spoke "Sorry I took so long to get to the phone highness, but I was looking over the evidence that the dogs left at the scene, We may have a lead, they left used a commercial explosive to detonate the boiler and we are able to recover the batch marker chemical, I looks like it is of american manufacture, we are getting in contact with the company who made it and getting a list of people who bought that batch." he said. "Good work, Feodor. Let me know what you find out. Strength and honor till we meet again", "Yes mam, Strength and honor." said and then hung up.


OOC: Please do not comment in this thread till I am done. I will try and write a chapter every day or so. I am still somewhat new at writing in story style and this is my first attempt. If you have any ideas on how I can improve it or you want an invite PM me.

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*Later that evening*

A letter arrived at the Huscarl intelligence agency, it was in a plain brown envelope and had a printed label addressed to the queen. It had been pulled out of the regular palace mail when one of the sniffer dogs had found traces of gelignite on it.

The letter read,


we have just provided a demonstration of our capabilities to show we mean business.

We demand that a sum of 10 billion Krona be delivered in used unmarked bills to an address we specify at a later date.

We also demand that viking operations and private thrall ownership be reintroduced to the nation, we are a viking nation and we need to act like one.

The note was put on file by the officer who discovered it.

*The next day*

Feodor sat in the police HQ at Olafstead and looked at a report that the explosives company had provided him, the sole purchaser of the batch was WOLF mining, a small company that had recently bought the iron mine at frostgate. He also had received a phone call earlier in the day from the captain of the palace huscarl, apparently some group calling itself the circle of Fenrir was claiming responsibly for the attack.

He pressed the button on the intercom on his desk and said "Nikki, get me the details for a mining company called WOLF mining". "Yes sir, getting it now" came the reply. Feodor disliked computers and did not have one in his office, but the queen had insisted that he get one so he hired a person assistant to do all the computer work for him so he would not have to touch the thing.

Nikki got to work and pulled up the files off the government database, and printed them out and took them into Feodor's office. "Here are the reports sir" she said. He read them...

WOLF Mining

Founded: August 15th 2009

CEO: Fenris Hanson

Assets: Iron mines #4-#12 frostgate, NV Oceanic Prosperity (Bulk ore freighter), NV Peregrine (Mixed freighter), NV Halcyon (Yacht)

Net worth: 6 billion Krona

Criminal History

June 15th 2009: Fenris Hanson was cleared of embezzlement charges where he was alleged to of stolen money from the treasury for his personal use. (Matter settled by the crown. Case file sealed)

November 3rd 2009: WOLF mining fined 250000 Krona for discharging untreated refinery tailings into the ocean in contravention of the environmental protection act. (Fine paid November 6th, Matter settled by environment minister.)

December 1st 2009: 35 illegal immigrants found aboard the MV Peregrine upon its return to frostgate after delivering iron billets to a private company in Africa. Immigrants held in frostgate immigration processing center pending a trial and possible extradition. (Matter under investigation by immigration department & Huscarl intelligence.)

He looked at the paper and thought to himself, "that is an awfully long history for a company that has only been going for six months", He hit the intercom again and said "Nikki, get some of the detectives to bring Fenris Hanson in for questioning at the frostgate police station. I have some questions I want to ask him.", "Sure thing sir, I will get onto the frostgate branch immediately and get some tickets for us to fly up there to talk to him" she replied. "And one more thing, Nikki I want you to find out all you can about this circle of Fenrir orginization.". "Ok, boss" she said.


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