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Jackosia to increase nuclear stockpile in the new year

Jack Grist

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Latest News: The President and the Defence Minister will meet in Honolulu City on December 30th to discuss plans to increase the amount of nuclear weapons to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. The Revolutionary Republic has not built any more than 15 nuclear missiles and has called it an 'adequate' amount for a strong nuclear defence. However, as Jackosia plans to develop itself even further in the new year, it may also decide to build an extra 5 nuclear missiles to mantain a good defence. Though, as a currently neutral nation in a neutral alliance, many people may protest to such a decision, that the Jackosian police will allow due to their strong belief in freedom of speech.

The President answered press questions yesterday, telling the public that "If we are to develop ourselves even more next year, we need a bigger deterrent. Its not to threaten but to protect".

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