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Death of A Black Rose

Stefano Palmieri

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--Royal Palace, Benghazi--

The last few weeks had rattled the Caliph immensely. Yes the invasion of Italy had gone much better than expected, but the rebels had caused him to start doubting himself. Was he the chosen ruler he was brought up to believe he was? How could he be if the populous did not recognise his divine right to rule. He was the embodiment of all that was good and holy in the world. Alone, locked in his room he sat in the corner with a blanket wrapped around him. There was no one he could trust. As far as he was concerned, he was the only person he could trust. His family, were all traitors, his armed guard were waiting to take him out, he knew it. With his pistol loaded, he waited for them to come and get him.

*Knock on The Door*

"Honey, Its me come on let me in."

"NO. You're here to get me. YOU'LL NEVER GET ME, YOU TRAITOROUS HARLOT!". The Caliph then proceeded to shoot at the door, his wife screamed.

"I'm not Hear to get you, please I want to talk to you".

"Really? Well my gun wants to talk to you." He shot at the door again.

"Look, you shoot again and I will get you dragged out of there by the Guard. YOU HEAR ME?"

"You and Which Ar- Oh. Well, you do that and I will blow us to smithereens. I have a bomb rigged up. If that door opens were all dead."

"Oh come on. Look, Im coming in." The Caliphs wife went to open the door, thinking to herself, "Im going to kill him, revive him, then kill him again". She got as far as opening the door before there was a beeping noise, then 10 seconds later an explosion rocked Benghazi.

The Caliph had rigged a makeshift dirty bomb, getting his materials from a recent trip to an army base. Claiming the Generals needed it for a demonstration the poor staff officer had no choice as the Caliph had all the clearance he needed to get the gear. The small explosion killed the entire Royal Family, the Top levels of Military Staff In the War office (Which ajoined the Palace) along with all the workers on site. With the Death of the Governing Body, the country fell into an Anarchy it could not recover from alone

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