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United Soldiers Corp

The Reccesion

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United Soldiers Corp Recruitment Thread


What we offer

  • Trade Circles
  • $Aid$
  • Tech Deals
  • Guides
  • Forum help
  • Protection
  • War relief help

Charter of USC


Article I. USC Enlistment

To become a member of USC each applicant will be reviewed after applying with the fallowing information:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Team Color:

Past Alliances:

Forum Activity:

Article II. The Government

General of the Army

The General is the head of the alliance. The General holds executive power in the alliance and has the final say in things which are put up for debate. The General reserves the right to take control of any and all affairs in the state of emergency. The General is not voted in.

Secretary of Internal Affairs

The Interior Secretary is responsible for the stability of the alliance. The Interior Secretary is responsible the general memberships opinions and voices it to government. They may provide ideas to enhance the efficiency of the alliance. They run the economics department, recruitment department, education department of USC.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Secretary is responsible for the relationships outside the alliance. The Foreign Secretary is responsible for appointing diplomats to foreign alliances, his or her job is to handle all foreign affairs and manage the public image of USC.

Secretary of Defense

The Defense Secretary is responsible for the protection of the alliance. They are responsible for keeping tabs on all wars and conducting wars in a fashionable manner. They are expected to keep up-to-date barracks and have monthly roll calls to ensure the USC military is ready for any situation.

Article III: Policy

You don't $%&@ with us, we won't $%&@ with you.


The Reccesion, General of the Army

You can contact us at the following locations:

Forums: http://z10.invisionfree.com/United_Soldiers_Corp/index.php

IRC: #USC on coldfront

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_USC

Basic Info

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