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Bloody Osea

Eggman Empire

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OOC: Continuation of this RP thread


The Stromfjørd Massacre, as it was now being called, had resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 protesters and 3,100 injured. Fearful over another attempted revolution, Eggman Army Generals and high ranking politicians had deemed a "crackdown" necessary. Dozens of people at a time had simply been arrested and hauled off simply for being in too large of a group. A morning and nighttime curfew had been imposed, from 0600-2000. Out of the original 10,000 some people at the protest, nearly 5,000 had disappeared, including some wounded. Citizens were afraid to simply go down the street and buy groceries. And while not that strict outside Stromfjørd, cities and towns in the Osea province were also feeling the pressure. Town officials urged their constituents not to form political groups or affairs of ANY sort out in public or inside.

Of course, many low ranking officers and NCOs were incredibly distressed by this turn of events. While not the most humane people out there, they certainly weren't blood-thirsty monsters. Many had already offered to resign and one or two had outright disobeyed orders when it came to population control. Even companies and battalions from the 9th Ex Division had problems with current policy. The brass knew they would have to turn the situation around fast if they didn't want widespread civil discontent in the entire country. This was not made easy by the fact that attacks against military posts and patrols had doubled. The whole thing had gone from a simple annexation of a small chunk of land to a bloody occupation that nobody wanted. There was talk of giving Osea back to FRG, or of just cutting them loose and let them sink or swim. But such talk was stupid as most of the intelligent officials knew if Osea left Eggman Empire's control, there was a high chance it would become a staging ground for insurgent groups to attack Eggman Empire and FRG. Not to mention the criminal element that would spring up.

So, what to do? Nobody wanted it, but if they gave it away it would turn into a definite thorn in Eggman's side. Their bridges with the Osea populace had been all but blown apart by the Stromfjørd Massacre, and it would be hard to convince Osea's population that being part of Eggman Empire was beneficiary. But the only option seemed to be lay off military action and start rebuilding infrastructure. Of course, that was complicated by sabotage and direct attacks from insurgents. However, that, combined with a massive propaganda campaign seemed to be the only solution.

In the mean time, military commanders were given orders to "make friends" with the remaining government officials and the local populous. Yeah, things are definitely headed for smooth waters now...

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