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The Second Calling


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OOC: No posts until we have announced it properly.

Takeo once more stood at the podium, mere weeks from his previous speech of how he became the transitional leader of Japan. Once more, he was anxious, excitement and adrenelated, all of it flowing through his veins, pulsing, like the heartbeat of Japan. Off to his right, sat Haruhi Suzumiya, the future Empress of the new nation he was about to announce. He began.

"Brothers, sisters, Children of Japan. Only a short while ago, a weeks time no less, I was here before you, proclaiming the prosperity of a nation, the jovial, proud people, yourselves, cheering me, us, Japan, on, towards our goal: For the better good. Our nation, once trapped in the immoral shambles of poverty, despair, and sorrow, has risen far beyond our wildest dreams, attaining a pride, a sense of one's nation being one's self, that most nations can only dream of achieving in a singular lifetime; nay, we have done all that, and more, in but a short week.

In but a short week, we have revitalized ourselves, given ourselves the competitive edge, an unnatural high, refueled our fires, forever allowing them to burn, immortalized by the great islands of Japan. We have been gifted with the Sight, the Sight that one day, Japan shall rise above all, to be forever immortalized, as the Sun, the Moon, The Stars, for one day, we shall attain such greatness, that even the cosmos would be envious of us, of our unity, of our pride, of our strength.

Once more, I proclaim it, I shout above the cries of the wicked, we are here, we are here to stay, and we are here to be immortalized, to attain the prosperity, the pride, the greatness that we are bound for. Not even the cosmos will be able to stop our rise, our rise to Eternal power. Our power, will be great. Our unity, will be immense. Our pride, our strength, will be one.

Together, as a United Japanese People, we shall achieve what is our birthright, what is our destiny, what we were always meant to be. There will be obstacles, and the road to salvation will be tough, but our righteousness will not be impeded, halted, or otherwise subdued, as we continue on the march to greatness, to unification. For far too long, the Japanese people have stood divided in animosity, animosity of one's own self, as we are all the same, we are all Japanese." He paused, taking a breath, continuing on with his speech.

"The Japanese people, on this day, stand forever united, towards our common goal of salvation, towards the raging inferno that is ablaze within our hearts, to set the world's wrongs right, and to make amends where amends are due. Our reach, will be infinite, as we expand jovially throughout the world, seeping into it, integrating ourselves into it, assimilating it into us, unifying it.

Thus far, I have been humbled by your gracious silence, by the intent rapture of your gaze, but I ask that you turn your gaze from me, towards Haruhi Suzumiya, the leader of the former PHDRK. She is a just, noble young women, her cause, her Japanese blood, boils to an overflow, as the Japanese people continue on the path of salvation, on the great Sojourn of our time. She has worked tirelessly, side by side with myself, to ensure that things will move seamlessly into unification, to ensure that the people of Japan, the home islands and outlying areas, will be brought together, in a glorious day, in a monument, to the strength of Japan. I ask you now, to turn your attention to her, to allow her to speak, to capture your thoughts and your ideals as I have done. People of Japan, I present you, Haruhi Suzumiya."

The crowd, as before, broke into thunderous applause, as Takeo bowed deeply to them, before bowing to Haruhi, taking his seat. The standing ovation continued on for quite some time, until Haruhi began to speak her part of the speech; so far, everything was going according to plan.

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Haruhi stepped forward, after returning Takeo's applause. His speech was only the beginning, and yet the applause was like a wildfire.

"People of Japan, Citizens of the new Etania,

Today is the dawning of a new era, nay, a new eternity. As of this day, the Japanese people no longer remain seperated, but are united for eternity. Bound in blood, by the spirit of brotherhood, and by our own souls we commit ourselves today to know the following: We are brethren. Let no brother or sister spill the blood of another, let us join hands forever, and dance the traditional dances. Let us gather in kimonos, and celebrate Tanabata, O-bon, and the festivals of our faiths. Let us practice our spiritual rites, say our prayers, and do good unto one another. Why? Because we are a large family, one seperated, and now returned to a united state.

On this day, my folk, my brethren, I have many things with which to announce to you that are important, and need to be said.

For one, as of this day a marriage between Takeo and myself shall be officially recognized, and as thus, we rule as equals, sharing power in the name of familial unity. Along with this, the restoration of the imperial monarchy is hereby commenced. As such, both Empress Haruhi and Emperor Takeo are now titles that are to be recognized, and ring throughout the known world. Along with this comes the return of traditional Shinto as the religion of the state, and the recognized majority faith of the people.

But nay, citizens, here yet comes the greatest announcement. As of this day, the name of our people is united under the banner of Japan and one word: Etania. On this day, Dai Teikoku no Etania, is born. By symbolizing our lives, our culture, and our nation around a single word: Etania, we hold that this nation shall forever be eternal, not to be broken by any bond or enemy. Whether on the battlefield, or the diplomatic table, we shall remain alive for all of eternity. We shall be the gem of the Pacific, and a key nation on the international stage.

As such, I leave you now with what has been said,

Long live Etania! Long live Empress Haruhi! Long live Emperor Takeo! Kimi ga yo!"

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OOC: I hope it is okay to post now.

IC: The Kingdom of Cochin congratulates Empress Haruhi and Emperor Takeo on uniting Japan and establishing Etania. May peace and prosperity once again be abound in your nation.

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