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I would like to announce the following PIAT on behalf of the Global Democratic Alliance and Octava Orden. We are very happy to extend our friendship and here's to new partners :blush:



This is an informal treaty between the Global Democratic Alliance and Octava Orden with hopes that both alliances will establish a friendship and hopefully lead to more productive activity between the two. It also is the intention of this agreement to give both alliances a better feeling of security knowing that we can count on each other in case of crisis.


Both alliances will remain their own entities and remain independent from any decision either party would make concerning a third party alliance. Neither side is required to inform the other of intentions involving their independent alliance unless it directly conflicts with this treaty.


Neither alliance will condone or direct any attack against each other for any reason. In the event of an attack by a single nation, the defending alliance agrees not to respond militarily for 24 hours, giving both parties the opportunity to make sure a rogue nation is not involved. This timeline of 24 hours can not be shortened but can be extended by either government and can be implemented immediately, on a case by case basis, as long as both governments agree on the terms. No referral to this document is required for an extension.

If, after the investigation, it is deemed that the attacking nation is not a rogue and is an actual member of the other alliance, peace must be sent immediately and arrangements for reparations should be put in place. All reparations must be paid in a timely manner and should be paid by the attacking nation. If the attacking nation refuses to pay reparations or hasn't made arrangements within 24 hours of the decision reached by both governments, the nation must be expelled from their alliance. This timeline can be extended by either government and can be implemented immediately, on a case by case basis, as long as both governments agree on the terms. No referral to this document is required for an extension.

Any nation to be found a rogue is open to attack by either or both alliances immediately after a decision is rendered. In the event of a rogue, all reparations will be the responsibility of the home alliance of the attacked nation.


Each alliance agrees to maintain embassies and diplomats with each other in an effort to maintain not only a friendship but be used as a way for each alliance to keep up to date on inter-alliance affairs, elections, government officials, IRC channels, etc.

Both sides agree to be formal and friendly on both IRC channels and forums. Also, any intelligence or private information should not be shared in public channels and should always be relegated to a private query in order to protect both alliances interests.


Either alliance may, in a time of war only, approach the other for financial assistance. The awarding of financial assistance is not required by either party; however, every request must be considered with respect to this agreement of partnership and must be responded to within 48 hours. Any request for assistance may only be considered after an official Declaration of War has been posted on the CN Forum.


Neither alliance, at any time, will condone or direct any spying against each other. Also, it is the duty of either alliance to present any information or intelligence received that would compromise the security of the other. Any information shared will be kept confidential by all parties at all times.

If any member of either party is caught spying and is found to be guilty of knowingly leaking information, that nation must be expelled from the alliance. It will be the duty of the offending alliance to act quickly to avoid further acts.


Each alliance reserves the right to void this document at any time. A cancellation notice of 72 hours will be required by either side to terminate this agreement. A notice to terminate should be sent to a government official in private query or in game. This document may also be voided immediately if it is determined, by either government, that the other has seriously violated the above articles.

Signed on behalf of GDA,

Sippyjuice, GDA President

President Hardin, Minister of Recruitment

Masterfod, Minister of Internal Affairs

Shadowkiller, Minister of Defense

Signed on behalf of Octava Orden,

Ezequiel, Emperador of OO

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