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OOC: Supposed to be 'Ascension', damn my fast typing sometimes.


\\\2 Weeks Ago\\\

Haruhi had felt gloomy for months on end, and even effected her nation in doing so. The nation had gone without much contact from the outside, and remained insular. It was so disturbing, it was beginning to be accepted as normalcy by those that lived under her reign. She'd been wrecked by paranoia, and sometimes diverged on the edge of insanity. She was perfectly stable, and happily eccentric under normal circumstances, but now was different. For months, people had controlled her, ever since the supposed 'declaration' of the SST made under 'her' orders. Conservatives, leftists, they walked over her as if she was a twig in a forest, easily broken and bendable. Today, she couldn't stand it, she wouldn't tolerate it now. She wouldn't tolerate it ever again, and was sick of being a puppet for a couple of masters who wanted to sway the strings their way, and their direction. Politicians had become disgusting to her, nothing more than chaotic bureaucrats in fancy suits looking for a good time, and looking for their own wills to be the will of all.

She reached out, and grabbed a piece of parchment and began writing. The letter was to be forwarded directly to Nagato Yuki, who was sitting in her office in another section of the Imperial Palace. The note read as follows:


It's been a long time since i've written anything down, or done something for myself, and since i've even contacted you despite being in the same building. I want you to do something for, and please do it as quickly as possible. Get ahold of Miyo Takano, a major in the army. She was the child of my mother's friend, and we sometimes talked and enjoyed one another's company. She was one of the few I felt that I was willing to talk to, because she was interesting like me, she wasn't a complete normal dull. For long, i've remained quiet about the matter at hand, more importantly. I've been controlled by the politicians around me, both conservatives and leftists, and it's time I made a stand took control. I have my own will, and my own agenda. I will not be used. I am nobody's puppet, and nobody's tool.



An aide came in shortly, and delivered the message to Yuki. Upon receiving it, Yuki made a phone call to the headquarters of 2nd Division, 3rd Battalion. Miyo Takano shortly after picked up the phone, after initially having an aide answer the phone call. She was requested to come to the Imperial Palace for 'urgent business' with Haruhi Suzumiya, the Eternal President of the PDHRK. She accepted, knowing that Haruhi would only resort to old contacts should she have to. She would arrive later that night, and would speak to Haruhi personally.

Upon Takano's arrival, she was brought to throne room. She sat down, and shifted her legs into traditional style. Haruhi looked at her, and the expression on her face was almost shocking. She normally had a cold, and almost bland expression, but this was different. It was if Haruhi was nothing more than a husk, a walking zombie of sorts. Takano opened her mouth and began the conversation at hand.

"What is it, Eternal President Suzumiya?"

"Cut the formality, you know my name, and you know who I am as a person. That title is nothing more than on paper."

"Well then, Haruhi, what in gods name did you call me for? Knowing what you've said in the past, you'd only resort to old contacts if the situation was drastic and you didn't want anyone to know about it."

"That's true, and it remains true. I need something... taken care of, and you hold the influence among the military to pull it off. The military is loyal to begin with, to me. Both as a deity, and as a ruler. I doubt they'd ever have involvement in this."

"Involvement in... what, exactly?"

"Politicians of the right and left have been controlling me for months, Miyo. I'm getting tired of being used and feeling like nothing more than a tool, a puppet of sorts. I've got a list of those responsible, some minor and some major. As for sentences? I've already set up trials for every one of those responsible, but the sentences are already pre-determined. It's not corruption, it's not evil, it's swift justice. They deserve their punishments."

Haruhi handed Miyo a list of approximately 6,794 individuals. Each of them charged guilty with various degrees of 'corruption' and 'crimes against the state'. Some of them were subject to execution, others were subject to exile or arrest and jail time. The offenders ranged from minor to major, a few were high-ranking officers in the military. They would get their executional justice in the form of firing squad. She hadn't expected the military to be involved, but when Yuki looked for those that Haruhi knew about, and found their links, they proved to even include some military personnel. Miyo, however, was absolutely loyal. Haruhi was absolutely sure of this. Miyo took the list, and made a call to a few contacts. Upon accessing the rooms computer, per Haruhi's permission and under her oversight just in case, Miyo sent a military arrest order for everyone on the list.

The following day, everyone on the list was apprehended. Those sent to be exiled were exiled, and those put in jail were sented and jailed.

The fate of the executed, and their location, was however unknown.

///1 Week Ago///

The fate of the executed had been prepared, and readied. In a public square within the capital city of Haruhigrad, Haruhi would show her power and resist the shackles she had long been held by. Takano and Sakuya were both present at Youkai Square, just miles from the capital building. Haruhi arrived shortly after them, and an ever gathering crowd examined the odd scene. Some of them in shock, some of them curious at to what was coming.

In the square were several thousand poles, lined up one after another in rows of 100. They were lined back to back, side to side. On each pole was a prisoner, straitjacked and chained as much as possible. Nearby were over 200 Imperial Guards, all armed and at the ready. The public now realized what was occuring: mass execution, or was it murder? They had to wait for Haruhi to speak before they knew for sure. All 2,690 high offenders had sealed their fate for this day, the moment they betrayed and manipulated the young 19-year-old 'goddess'.

Haruhi stood up to the podium on the platform where the two government officials, and one military officer, now stood.

"People of our glorious nations, souls of the glorious revolution, citizens of our esteemed state.

Today, everyone gathered here has one of two reasons, reasons that compelled them here. Some came in shock, some in anger, some in fear, some out of pure curiosity. Most wonder upon seeing such a site, what is occuring. I will tell you what is occuring, and do so with a fiery, spiteful, and angry tongue. Those gathered here today and shackled and bound to poles beside you are criminals, criminals of the highest state. These two-thousand-six-hundred-and-ninety offenders have committed many crimes: fraud, corruption, and overall, crimes against the state. To make matters more personal, and on top of that, disturbing, these men and some women manipulated me for months on end. To gain their own ends, and accomplish their own agenda, they purposely corrupted themselves in both soul and mind. They acted behind the scenes, as puppet masters and ventriloquists. Through me, they controlled and tried to gain hands in their own agenda. For various reasons did they act: personal gain, political agenda, ideological belief. Today, they stand guilty and are prepared to be executed by firing squad. Why? Because they have defied, and disturbed all honor and loyalty. They have gone beyond the boundaries.

So, i ask you civilians and glorious patriots, look before you now at corrupt, evil, politicians and sneaky, traitorous military officials. Standing before you are enemies of yourselves, enemies of the state, enemies of the revolution, and most importantly, enemies to the security and safety of our own well being. They care not for you, for their country. They care only for themselves, and those controlling them.

Today, they get their just and righteous punishment, long-delayed by my ever-sinking depression and isolation due to their actions.

For the glory of the eternal spirit of the people, the revolution which brought our very original state into existence, i have but one thing to say:

Ready, Aim, FIRE."

After these words, all Imperial Guards took aim and walked through the columns of poles unloading shots on every last one of the prisoners. They deserved this, and they were being payed back for corruption and mental torment, paid in full. As every guard reloaded, they did so with a smirk. Punishment for them was nothing more than a current 'part of the job.'

"For one last decree, I give you this, civilians of the Republic:

The monarchy lives and breathes once more, I am your Empress, forever and eternally 'till the death of my mortal soul. The Republic was but a scheme, nothing more than an illusion forced on me by communists, and left wings in general. Some of these men stand before you now, bleeding from various parts of their body. The punishment has been dealt, and they have been silenced. The SST was nothing more than an illusion of the far-right, and the conservatives. Now, stare at some of them before you, bloody and silenced. For once, the far-right and far-left have something in common within our nation, they both lie defeated, having their true colors as traitors shown, and they now lie before us, bloody and dead. Long live the monarchy, our imperial state, and the glorious Haruhiist Empire, once more."

\\\The Present\\\

Haruhi looked towards the sky, and started singing 'Hare Hare Yukai'. She started to chuckle a little, the smile returning to her face. Sakuya lied beside her, and only wondered about the future. What Haruhi did was bold, and was simply her way of finally taking control. Months of isolation and control had ended in one fell swoop. Both of them could be considered as happy as humanly possible, at this moment.

Just recently, the Japanese had reclaimed their identity in the Home Islands and overthrown genocidial and heretical heathens. She had pledged to meet with this 'Takeo', the now provisional leader of the Furion state. She was pleased, and hoped for the best of this. The plans currently within her, and the ideas she held could only be considered as thus: 'eccentric', much like herself.

For Haruhi, the red rising sun of Japanese tradition now flew over every government building. Traditionalism was restored.

The clearence for Takeo's plane would be given a short few minutes later, and she could only be but giddy over the coming days.

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Takeo's private jet made record time, as it landed in the Haruhigrad Air Strip. He was anxious, excited and nervous, all at the same time. It was if his body didn't know what to feel. On one hand, even though the two nations once held an animosity that would sear through the most heartfelt nations, he couldn't help but feel a bit...exposed, in the PHDRK, as if someone was out to get him.

On the other hand, this was a chance to right wrongs that had been wrought by his forefather, to make amends, and to forge a friendship to last. That is, if things went right. Nonetheless, he settled his emotions and his jitters, an impassive look of neutrality coming over his features. He wore a simple suit and tie, black, as he always did, with his hair combed, making him look very professional.

He stepped off the jet's staircase, to be greeted by the eccentric 19-year old Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Haruhi looked upon the new 'face' of the Japanese people in the Home Islands. She felt like she could almost since a sort of nervousness from the man, underneath the mask of calm neutrality in his figure. Whether or not that assumption was true, she could only but wonder. Her dress was pure black, and wasn't overly dressy. She never felt fully official in any situation, regardless of the matter of affairs. When she thought back, she remembered the week beforehand. She had 'blood on her hands', but it was a due purpose and a good reason. Those men deservered to die, and they got their death handed to them on a silver platter and served with extra delight.

She approached Takeo slowly, trying to appear somewhat graceful. She was flanked by two Imperial Guards, and behind her was Sakuya Hayashi, the former Governor-General of the Republic. Due to the hasty provisional state of the PDHRK, she was now more-so a 'Chancellor' to Miss Suzumiya, her royal cousin. Those outside the 'PDHRK' couldn't know the facade it was, and that in fact, Imperialism had returned to the land in a swift, fell shadow of action and words.

She flowed the words within her mind, and let them drift calmly as she spoke.

"Well, Mr. 'Takeo' i presume? We meet at last, on a cold, dry, airport landing strip. It's good to see what you've done for your nation. You've restored the cultural identity of a people, and allowed them to be true patriots of their own colors, and their heritage. If you'd please follow my cousin, Sakuya, she will escort you to the limo in front of you. We'll be returning to the Imperial Palace to talk in the silence of my 'throne room'"

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Takeo bowed deeply in respect of the young girl before him. Although he was older, she was nonetheless the leader of a nation, and anyone who could deal with that was someone whom should be respected, despite past or present differences. He smiled as he heard her greeting, the impressive "mystical" smile before his features. "Why yes, Ms. Suzumiya, I do believe that the Japanese people of the Home-Islands finally have the pride to call themselves Japanese, once more. It has been an honor to help them realize their true pride and honor," he said.

He bowed before Haruhi's cousin, Sakuya, before following her towards the limousine. He entered it, taking in the view of the landscape outside the window as he did. It was impressive, truly beautiful. If only it wasn't, as Haruhi eloquently put it, on the "cold, dry, airstrip". His smile was still there, the infectious joy seeping through him. Why he felt like this at times, he knew not, but it was something that he had learned to enjoy, the familiar creepy smile plaguing his features like a bad pimple.

"Pardon me if I'm being blunt, but, I do like to get straight to the point on certain matters, this one being one of them, and I was wondering in particular: Why the conference between our two nations? I realize that my goal, both publicly and personally was to turn Furon, now Japan, around, into a more positive outlook, but for some time, I believed the animosity between the two nations was too great to attempt to penetrate.

So, my real question is, why now, between our two nations?"

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Haruhi listened to his words, and decided speaking in the limousine for now wouldn't hurt. The arrival at the Palace would happen a slight time later, and the window separating the back area from the driver was soundproof. The driver, thus, couldn't hear a single word. A smile came upon Haruhi's face, almost signaling absolute amusement, the peak of eccentricity, or just sheer happiness. One couldn't tell, no matter how long they observed the gesture.

"The reason, is quite simple. As of late my nation has been rather... off-balance, so to say. The reasoning for me coming to you, and breaking the barrier of negative relations is simple: The main thing I despised so very much of your nation is gone, The Prophet. On top of that, you've brought back the old Japan, and removed the strange, heretical 'thing' that existed before the current state. As for being straight to point, i'll be honest, i'll be blunt, and i'll say it ever so openly. I've got plans for us, sir, but not for us in particular, rather our nations. What I'm about to propose may in your mind verge on the insane due to the current times, but we'll see."

She took a sip of a soda she had sitting in the cupholder to her right.

"I propose something glorious, and brilliant. Seeing as we both now represent the same thing, the same people, and the same values, why not a merge? As odd as this sounds, I believe it would be most fitting. Why? Because Japan's people have been seperated for far too long, and now is a perfect opportunity to sound the praise of 'reunion' and bring forth a glorious new state, grander than any entity within our respective borders could ever hope to achieve alone. As far as how? Japanese history and society has always been a past of monarchies, and absolute rulers. Thus, I propose something that even to myself seems like borderline insanity: a political marriage, of sorts. Through this, absolute rule is possible. I only have one name for this plan, and it rings quite a chime in my own ear: Etania."

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He listened intently, his eyes going wide from just the sheer shock of suggesting a thing. A merger, while it did sound rather ... shocking and unexpected, was the thing to prove to the world that Japan really had turned around its foreign policy, that it was willing to work with the ones that it had so dearly hated, even if the hate was ill-advised.

He hunched over, as he rested one hand on his leg. "A political marriage? While I agree our rule would be absolute, just the idea is...different to me, I must admit. I did not think you would propose this, upon reading your request for a meeting," said Takeo.

"Etania, you say? Eternia? Humor me, as we delve into the world of hypotheticals, but would this new Japanese nation be a monarchy? Empire? What about Michuraza, one of the Japanese 'successor' states? Or the 'Nanbu Teikoku'? What of them?" asked Takeo. He leaned back, grabbing a soda from the mini-fridge in limousine.

He paused, taking a large drink from it. Orange flavored. Yum. "Also, what about our treaties? The AUP? How would those go together? As it stands, while the new Japan is open to better diplomatic relations, I never intended to join the AUP," said Takeo, taking another drink from his orange-flavored soda.

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Haruhi listened intently to what Takeo had to say, taking his own opinions into consideration. For the future of the Japanese people, compromise would be a neccessity. If not, the whole ordeal and the plans in her head would be turned into dreams and fantasies.

"The Michuraza Empire has long annoyed my nation to begin with, especially since it continues to threaten and mock other states and bring my own to the brink of war due to treaty. As such, their fate is 'assimilation'. The Nanbu Teikoku may continue to exist, as it is a free state in it's own right. Should they choose to join us, that is their own decision. As for the AUP? The bloc has become riddled with corruption and weakness. Perhaps beginning anew on that, and forming something much better and acceptable to all asiatic states would be best."

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Takeo facepalmed, for even considering the merger. It had the probability to further destabilize the Home Islands, and it also had the probability to help restore the Japanese people, to rekindle a dying ember within them. "I concur with your statements, Ms. Haruhi. I must say, I find myself enthralled as well as slightly shocked that I'm about to agree to this but, the Merger sounds like a good idea," said Takeo.

"I must admit, I was rather skeptical, and I still am a bit skeptical, about it as a whole, but you've brought valid points to the table, and a such, you've won me over. The only question that stands is, treaties: Would all treaties carry over? The former-Furon found great allianceship amongst the nations of the Communist China and the Phoenix Empire/Holy American Empire. What would we do about those, as the HAE MDP treaty leases an island to them for a base, and in exchange, former-Furon (Japan) has full rights for production of the F-1 Shadow, an elite fighter/bomber."

He continued sipping his orange soda, making sure to savor the taste. It'd been too long since he'd had something so flavorful.

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Haruhi smiled upon hearing these words, the Japanese people would have a united homeland once more, and be a powerful state. Alone, the united Japanese people would be able to rise up and sing in praise, sing of the glory of their culture, and the love of their homeland. Now, the old song of the Japanese estate, Kimigayo, rung in Haruhi's ears. The tune now, sounded glorious and beautiful.

"All treaties would cancel over, however, as usual they are subject to the opinions of both treaty holding states. For example, states that choose to not recognize the new entity, or that simply do not wish to carry it over. Otherwise, the treaties would over, it's just subject to both nation's opinions. Now, Mr. Takeo, i heard ago of the damage to Tokyo-to, the beloved capital of the Japanese people, due to a nuclear device. If i'm correct, according to my Zargathian allies, the place is radiation free along with other formerly areas hit with nuclear weaponry. For now, i suggest moving the capital to the small town of Nishinomiya-shi, in the Kansai region. It has great port access, and sits at a very strategically good area in the main island of Honshu. As for the other nuked cities? We shall rebuild them, and in spirit, rebirth their former glory."

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"I concur with your suggestion of the movement of the capital. Until Tokyo can be rebuilt, and all the other cities, we shall use Nishinomiya. The treaties sound excellent, and I do hope that the HAE holds their treaty, as well as our Chinese brethren.

From our reports, the Zargathians neutralized as much of the radiation as possible, building 'domes', if I remember correctly, to help facilitate the growth of plant life in the irradiated areas. What were you thinking for a name for our new nation, however? Not only that, but what about the cabinet? Most of the government of former-Furon is under lock and key, imprisoned for their actions. The only two men who were just in the entire cabinet, were Minister of Defense, Joe Nomura, who committed suicide for allowing himself to take part of the Genocide, and Mochitsura Hashimoto, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I'd like to express the belief that Mochitsura should be the Head Foreign Affairs director, as he's done a magnificent job thus far," said Takeo.

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Haruhi nodded, and continued to listen in on his words.

"As for suggestions for a name, i'd like to propose Dai Teikoku no Etania, meaning Greater Empire of Eternia. I think it's more than appropriate, and it's a good name since I plan for the Empire in itself to last eternally, until the world either falls into apocalypse, or the species dies out. Mochitsura would be allowed to assume the post as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Itsuki Koizumi will work under him. As for cabinet, I propose that Miyo Takano, Sakuya Hayashi, Yuki Nagato, Kagami Hiiragi, and Kyon retain their positions, or gain a place in the government. All of them are equally capable, and I believe they'd serve the new nation well. Mikuru and Itsuki, along with the others are debateable. However, if they aren't appointed as actual ministers, i'd like for them to work within the ministries and continue to help the nation function. As for the domes, that's good. Rebuilding will obviously be a normally slow process, although we'll try our best to make sure they are rebuilt well, and as fast as possible."

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"All of these are acceptable," said Takeo. "I do however like the name. Dai Teikoku no Etania; Nice ring to it. Although, for the simplicity of cartographers around the world, would it not be easier to call ourselves the Eternal Empire? I realize the reasoning behind a Japanese-inspired name, but Cartographers would have a hard time pronouncing it."

He paused, drinking the orange soda, before continuing. "As for the announcement, I think it should be done as quick as possible; Sooner rather than later. Shall we both do the honors, a two-part speech?" asked Takeo.

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