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East India Company


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Greetings once again to planet Bob!

The last time you heard from me or my people was at our founding back in October a little over three months ago. We were optimistic and pleased to transfer our community's main game to Cybernations! Such optimism and hard work from so many committed people have brought us to new heights of prosperity and hope for the future:


As you can see we have reached and passed the 500,000 NS mark with 27 members and almost 100 nukes and are still growing. Through the efforts of many we have come to this point and it would not have been a reality if several people, namely CallofKtulu, Xsysstar, and others had not stepped up to the plate to assist in alliance leadership and direction. I would also like to take this time to express the VOC's gratefulness to TOP for their continued assistance and constant advise which has helped MANY members new and old grow and prosper. Not a day goes by without a TOP member asking us how we are doing or what we need. I feel we are so fortunate to be sailing along with TOP by our side to help us navigate though our founding months; without them I feel we would have been lost. I would also like to thank my friends at the ODN, Legion, IRON, and other places who have been supportive of our efforts for continued success. Here's hoping that I can come to the world again in three months or sooner with a report that we have reached 1,000,000 NS! The Spice Trade continues to new horizons with great anticipation! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Feel free to stop by, www.voc-concord.net (our community site) if you want to say hello or get to know us better, we would be happy to talk with anyone who is friendly enough to stop in.

May the Trade Winds be with You,

Founder of the East India Company

-Ruler4 of Franklin

Governor General


Director General

-Linds (Rastapolitan)

Secretary General


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Very impressive milestone you guys have crossed, especially with 27 members. It's no wonder you have a good average ns per nation. I'm confident that you will hit the 1mil milestone within three months. I speak on behalf of the Agency with this regard: It's a pleasure to see new alliances in this game. With good friends like TOP, ODN, Legion and IRON, I'm 100% positive that you will continue to grow and be successful in your efforts.

I will be sending a diplomat your way in the next couple days. :)




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