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Proposal to France


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***Classified Telegram to Alain Mamère***

Greetings from your new neighbor. I hope that all is well in France.

Deutscher Bund has a proposal to make. We would like to exchange the predomininately French areas of Geneva, Neuchâtel, Jura, Western Vaud (everything except Aigle and Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut) and and western Freiburg (Broye, Glane, Vivisbach) in exchange for Luxemburg. Since Luxemburg had been part of the old Deutscher Bund, we feel that historically, Luxemburg should be part of our state. Of course, you shall be receiving the important city of Geneva and other Romandie therritories, so it would not be such a bad deal.

We hope for a positive reply. The following is the map of our proposal.


Maroon: Luxemburg, Blue: Romandie

Oswald Mosley


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OOC: I've checked with Martens, and he doesn't have Luxemburg. Also, if you check a few maps back, you see that Martens grew to the west a bit without any reason. Someone must have made a mistake.
OOC: ...unless I happen to have it and didn't realize it. I just took what BR had. Maybe an older map can be seen to check if Luxemburg was in BR's old nation.

OOC: I dunno, lol

Anyways, if Martens says you can have it (OOC) and Teriethien says so, too, I dun care.

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OOC: I believe I received it when Benelux was partitioned between Netherlands and France. I didn't realise that the world map was off though... the borders can be so hard to read sometimes >_<


Classified Response

This is a fair offer from Deutscher Bund, and given the historical circumstances surrounding Luxembourg, we can certainly understand your motivations. France is therefore prepared to agree in principle to these territorial exchanges.

What gives us pause is the fact that Luxembourg has been administered as an integral territory of France for some time now. Her inhabitants have been granted French citizenship, and many thousands cross to and from the rest of France on a daily basis. Naturally, we have every confidence that Deutscher Bund will respect and protect the human rights of the Luxembourgers. Nonetheless, it would be unseemly if our government were to be be seen as abandoning French citizens to a foreign power, and thus we seek explicit assurances from Deutscher Bund on this regard.

Furthermore, in light of the existing connection, we propose an open border between Luxembourg and France, allowing the nationals and goods from both our nations to pass unhindered. A free trade area between France and the Luxembourg parts of Deutscher Bund, if you will. We believe that this would minimise whatever impact the local economy might suffer as a result of a change of state.

Lastly, we are concerned that Luxembourg would seem be an exclave. Considering the instability that plagues Europe's nations, would Deutscher Bund be capable of offering Luxembourg adequate protection in the absence of a land link? As mentioned, the Luxembourgers have generally been granted French citizenship, and as a result our government is duty bound to ensure their safety. We suggest a security arrangement for Luxembourg that allows France to share in the responsibility of Luxembourg's defence.

We hope that you find France's suggestions reasonable.


Alain Mamère

President of the French Republic

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Deutscher Bund considers free trade as a lifeline, so we do not see any particular problems with the proposals of France. We only ask that the people of Romandie be under similar conditions of dual citizenship. Should France accept this, they may announce the agreement to the public.

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Classified Reply

"Excellent, France will accept these terms. We will begin on preparations for the handover immediately."

19. 12. 2009 | Lorelei de plume Reporting from Paris.

The Government announced today that the conseil général of Luxembourg have voted to secede from the Republic. An outcry erupted in the National Assembly, lead by Michel Fillon, leader of the opposition. However the cabinet came out strongly in support of the Luxembourgers. While negotiations are ongoing, it is understood that Luxembourg will be joining the newly formed Deutscher Bund, but her inhabitants will maintain French citizenship, and the local economy's relationship with the rest of France will not be affected.

Many commentators are surprised by the course that the government appeared to have taken. Luxembourg have strong historical ties to France, and many believed that president had pressed for its inclusion into the Republic because of nationalisitc desires. To have apparently gone a 180 so soon after the recent partition of Benelux sparked several conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, opinions on the ground appears mixed. Many Luxembougers expressed hope that the recently formed Deutscher Bund could become the perfect home for them, due to the cultural, linguistic ties. University of Paris professor Frederic Michaut agrees. "The Luxembourg language is Germanic," the professor tells us, "Not French". However at the same time a number seems reserved about the secession.

"I've never heard about these plans! No one said anything about seceding, it's an erosion of our democracy!" Jean Doe, a resident, says. His neighbour Jeanne Doe worries about the practicality of the change, "Deutscher Bund isn't connected to Luxembourg, how could a nation exist in 2, 3 chunks?" The conseil général of Luxembourg could not be reached for comment.

Interior Minister Philippe Vaillant, vacationing in the Alps, insists that Paris is respecting the rights of the local people to self determination.

On an unrelated note, it appears that in the aftermath of Rhinemark's fall, some formerly Swiss cantons have also opted to join the French Republic. This 'good news', as the a government spokesperson puts it, came on the heels of the confirmation that Alsace-Lorraine will indeed return to French sovereignty.


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