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An Inter-Galactic Gangsta Get Together

Wu Tang Clan

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Aight, so one day we was chillin yamean? And these dudes from some space alliance come up to us and we just started this movement. All the sudden the whole infrastructure of CN was in disarray. I mean we was brothas that wasn’t supposed to be tied to each but we was attracted like some deep attraction to each other. Feel me? I mean we didn’t like nobody. But still we got together kicked back and rolled it up and pretty soon we had ourselves an Inter-Galactic Gangsta Get Together ™. Next thing you know we was side by side on stage puttin on a charity concert (because we love all people, hi mom) and then we was tied by a treaty. Think I’m makin this all up? I got pics, and an official shiny government autoricized document to prove it.


Also, there’s this:


Treaty of Brooklyn

DT and IAA are tight and workin on getting tighter so we signed this here document to show or mutual respect for each other.

I. Each alliance is their own and they do what they do, and keep it real.

II. Each alliance is gonna be cool to the other alliance, because thats how we roll.

III. Each alliance is gonna snitch any info that matters with the people at the top of the pot.

IV. Each alliance is gonna help the other with the green.

V. If either alliance wants to cancel they gotta tell the other 96 hours before they bail.

Signed for IAA:

His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera

Grand Vizier: Stagger Lee

Imperial Regent: Voodoo Nova

Grand Admiral: Flyingscotsman

Grand Moff: Brandon Simonson

Imperial Exchequer: Thierra

Signed for DT:

Supa_Troop3r, The Dark Archon

Myworld, Twilight Archon

Wu Tang Clan, High Templar of Foreign Affairs

TiTaN, High Templar of War

AyOiTzGeRmY, High Templar of Development

Myworld, High Templar of Finance

Fort Pitt, Deputy High Templar of Foreign Affairs

Hail us. Thanks.

Also shoutouts to all my homies in the hood, don’t be a menace yo! C-Town, reppin big, you know how we do.

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Dear DT and IAA,

Congratulations! (it just took me three tries to spell that right, don't judge me) Here's to the best

[thinly veiled threat] DT, if you hurt IAA, I will find you. When I do, I probably won't do anything about it... So yeah. [/thinly veiled threat]

o/ IAA

o/ DT

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Congratulations, Dark Templar. I didn't realize Brandon had taken up a Government spot in IAA, good to hear.

Brandon is far too talented to keep out of government for long.

So DT, when do we get to participate in some gang-related activities like drive-by rollings?

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