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The Citrust Express has left the Station


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Article IV: Termination

If either signatory violates any of the above articles or wishes to remove itself from the treaty, both alliances shall discuss in private and be given a 72 hour notice before officially terminating the treaty.

In accordance with Article IV of The Citrus Express Treaty between R&R and ODN, we hereby officially announce our cancellation of this treaty. The 72 hour notice has passed, and this is now null and void.

ODN has historically been one of R&R's closest allies. Recently a few things have come up, and have brought us to where we are today. We have spoken to ODN in private, and have given them our reasons for cancelling this treaty. We wish ODN the best of luck going forward, and hope that down that road our paths may meet once again.

Signed for R&R




Viking Goalie (VG)

Foreign Affairs:

Alcoholic- MoFA

Bilzey - DMoFA


EgoFreaky - MoD

jjallen - DMoD

KingLC - MoI

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