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Classified Message to the Tahoe Republic

comrade nikonov

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Classified: Encryption Level: 31.B
Sender: Foreign Ministry of the Union of Belarus and Moldova
Recipient: Foreign Ministry of the Tahoe Republic
Subject: Diplomatic Invitation
Message: Start: 
With the reunification of Belarus well underway, and our historic capital Minsk returned to our firm control, the Union of Belarus and Moldova has started to look outward. Seeing that the Tahoe Republic's freedom loving ways are quite similar to ours, and that both our states share a federal system of centralized power with centers of power across the nation, we felt that it would be very advisable to contact the Tahoe Republic as part of our diplomatic outreach. 
As a result of this message, a Tahoe Republic delegation is hereby invited to Minsk to establish one of the first embassies Minsk will receive under the banner of the Union of Belarus and Moldova.

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