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The Treaty of Nieberschlatzelhavenheimennyehnyehhabenburg

Mergerberger II

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The Treaty of Nieberschlatzelhavenheimennyehnyehhabenburg

I. We won't attack each other

II. We will defend each other

III. We will go to war together aggressively if we want

IV. We'll share information

V. This treaty can be terminated with 72 hours' notice

.:For the Revolutionary Socialist Syndicate of the Netherlands:.

Prime Minister Sebastian Saviri

Revolutionary Adviser Schee Baum

.:For the Tahoe Republic:.

President Sean O Deaghaidh

Prime Minister Kieran Kelly

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"I never thought I would see the day that Tahoe would be on good relations with a Communist nation, let alone sign a high-level military treaty with them. Ah well, I guess it's time pigs flied."

The RSSN is not Communist. We have a Revolutionary government, not a Communist one, and our economy is not controlled, but rather the subject of heavy regulation. We are socialist at farthest.

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