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The Old Coots' Weekly Letters


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(I would not be avaliable for posting Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so I am going to post this today)

Hello there young chaps! I am so glad you are reading this second edition of the Old Coots' Weekly Letter! Last week, Kevanovia posted the first edition, and as he stated, I will do this weeks. Lets get to it, shall we?

tl;dr? ---- You can go shoot yourself!


The Old Coots' Weekly Letters

Issue #2

I would like to start off with some World News.

Taiwanese Man Beats World Of Warcraft

Last week, a Taiwanese man did the impossible. They said it couldn't be done. Well, to be fair, it can't. However, if one were to track the completion of Blizzard's super successful World of Warcraft by the number of achievements a player had unlocked, then a this player has effectively solved that game tape. A character named "Little Gray" on the Wrathbringer server has completed all 986 of the game's 'cheevos, killing 390,895 creatures and finishing 5,906 quests along the way.

However, this triumph of human resolve has been diminished by one small caveat: one upcoming winter holiday–tied achievement, titled "BB King," remains locked, but due to a glitched PvP achievement that apparently unlocked twice, his statistics say he's batting a thousand. With the game's Winter Veil festivities approaching, we expect Little Gray will unlock that last feat soon, at which point the credits will roll, and his account will be permanently erased. Or the server will explode. Definitely one of those two.

Golden Playstation

This Playstation 3 is 24-karat gold-plated, comes with two matching controller and a one year warranty. You will never guess the price...."$999?" Higher. "$2,999!?" Higher. "$4,999!?!?!" You guessed it. But that is only the starting price. And you thought it was expensive when it released for $500....noobs. What does this Playstation do differently than anyother PS3? Well, I can name one thing...it sparkles...



Recent CN News

Top Story: CSN Declares War on Justice! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=75936

NEW and ZDP Declare Peace! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76027

Congratulations Order of Justice! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76053

WAPA and EPIC Issue an Alliance Together! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76058

Vengful Vendetta is formed! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76003

Xtreme Gaming Online is formed! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=76014

GGA and ODN Cancel Treaty! http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=75497

Invicta and USN sign a MDoAP http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=75903



<Erik[NATO]> Shoutout to Erika for being sweeter than Dul

<+Linecka> shut up newty
* You were kicked by LILITALY51793[soL] (now STFU)

(I am expecting more for next week -_- )

.....And now, time for.....

Random Rants, from around the internet!

Swiss, from SeaPowers


I love that in this glorious state of California, we spend about 40% (approx. 9.7 to higher education) to our Education alone. Yet, when this state is experiencing a shortfall and must raise tuition rates by at least 3% for the next couple years, people go up in arms. To be fairly honest, I understand this is a public university system. But the UC System alone is ridiculously cheap for in-state and cheap for out-of-state in terms of education and bang for the buck.

The worst part about it is that these students DEMAND the state government in fact INCREASES the payout per year in its already expended budget to the UCs, CSUs, etc. I understand college isn't exactly a debt free experience, but it doesn't help much either when the state can't afford what it wants to do, the economy is in the !@#$s, and the unions in California threaten striking at every corner to get higher salaries each year.

I dunno, maybe I'm too deluded.

Weekly Awards

Game of the Week: Cybernations..............duh

Alliance of the Week: The Order of Justice

Poster of the Week: Imperator Hades

Nation(s) of the Week: Schnitzelburg (King Hubert) AND Alisaunder (Baron DeSandersted). The two oldest nations in Cybernations!


Time for the interview!

For my first interview as a Old Coot journalist, I decided to interview Midas, leader of the newest alliance, Vendetta!

<oddjob[interview]> Hey Midas, how are you today?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Good, and you?

<oddjob[interview]> I'm doing fine, thank you.

<oddjob[interview]> Ok, are you ready to begin the interview?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Yep

* oddjob[interview] clears throat and straightens tie

<oddjob[interview]> Good afternoon Planet Bob, I'm joined here today with the leader of the Vendetta alliance, Midas. It is a pleasure to interview him today for 'The Old Coots' Weekly Letters'.

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Pleasure is all mine :)

<oddjob[interview]> First, I would like to congratulate you and your newest alliance, Vendetta.

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Thanks! We are looking forwards to a great start :)

<oddjob[interview]> If I read correctly, you and SiCkO formed this alliance together?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Yessir, that is correct

<oddjob[interview]> What inspired you guys to form an alliance in Planet Bob?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Well, we were looking for something a little different from where we previously were. A Democratic based alliance. So we decided to form our own alliance because we didn't really see any other alliances out there that we thought we'd be in for a while.

<oddjob[interview]> You say you "didn't really see any other alliances out there that we thought we'd be in for a while." What makes this alliance different?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Well, we plan on being a very tightknit group, a democratic alliance (as I mentioned before), and a selective group of people, we want the best CN players for our alliance.

<oddjob[interview]> Will you have an open door recruiting policy for the beginning of this alliance?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Yes we will, we plan on having an open door for about a month, give or take a week depending on how many people sign up in that period of time, we are looking for 15 active members to start.

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> correction * at least 15 members

<oddjob[interview]> What will your actions be if that goal is not reached?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Well, I think it is very possible for us to do that, however if it is not reached I suppose if it is less than 10 members, we will keep the open door "open" a little longer

<oddjob[interview]> Will you do the basic mass messaging to all unallied nations or will your process be more selective?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> during the open door process, yes. We will be sending out the standard message, after, we will be selective.

<oddjob[interview]> Moving on, how will your government be set up? I know you mentioned being "democratic".

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> well, for starters we have the Prime Minister, Elected every 3 months, the Prime Minister's job is to oversee the alliance, as well as looking after all the departments (MoE, MoD, etc.). The next official down the line is the MoFA, of course in charge of all things to do with other alliances, the MoD, In charge of Defense/War, the MoE, in charge of all money and tech, as well as trades, and lastly we have the MoIA, I

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> *Note all officials are elected every 3 months

<oddjob[interview]> So you don't see the point in having a "Vice" Prime Minister?

<oddjob[interview]> Like most other alliance would?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> No, it was a very vague job, had a lot of gray area from our experiences, so we decided that we do not need that position.

<oddjob[interview]> Knowing your alliance is less than a week old, do you have any allies at the moment? Enemies?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Well, we just founded yesterday, and we are in the works of a protectorate, not going to say with who as of yet, but it is coming soon. As for enemies, none that I know of :P

<oddjob[interview]> You never know, Ronin or Sparta might have to change that :P

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Heh, we'll see :P

<oddjob[interview]> So how long have you, personally, been a citizen on Planet Bob?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> wow

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> a looooong time

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> 1398 days to be exact

<oddjob[interview]> Wow, that is a long time.

<oddjob[interview]> Do you think your veterancy has put your alliance a "step ahead" of the other new alliance?

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> well, I would guess so, however there are some newer alliances out there that are going to put up a very good race. I think it definitely helps a lot and is recommended for newer citizens of Bob, however I think that anyone, if they have the charisma and knowledge of this world can start an alliance and be sucessful

<oddjob[interview]> Seeing that there are only 2 current members in your alliance (SiCkO and yourself), and noting the large gap of seniority (nation age wise), how important is to get SiCkO to the knowledge level you are currently at?

<oddjob[interview]> "Knowledge level" meaning getting affiliated with the game and such.

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> I think he is actually very well caught up regarding on how to work the game, he was the former CoFS for The Legion, so I feel he has a very strong sense for Economics, and he also knows his way around the treaty web

<oddjob[interview]> That just about concludes this interview for this week's OCNL. I want to thank my guest Midas, leader of the newest alliance Vendetta. I wish you great luck with your new alliance!

<Midas|Vendetta|PM> Thanks! Nice talking with you! :)

Edited by oddjob
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I don't really see the point of this issue. You didn't even give feedback on those events, you just linked to them. The only things you actually talked about were [ooc]real world[/ooc] events, which have no bearing on the politics of Planet Bob.

Let's call this Issue 1.2 and leave it at that.

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I don't really see the point of this issue. You didn't even give feedback on those events, you just linked to them. The only things you actually talked about were [ooc]real world[/ooc] events, which have no bearing on the politics of Planet Bob.

Let's call this Issue 1.2 and leave it at that.

After taking a LoA, it is hard to get back into the swing of things.

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How old does one have to be to be considered an old coot? If they are older then most of the staff of the newspaper, are they an old coot?

You, sir, are defiantly not older than me or Kev.

Well I liked it.

Thank you.

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I am pleased to hear it. Did you find my dentures, by the way?

I sure did.

That's very good of you. Would you also help me find my dentures? I seem to have misplaced them somewhere. Perhaps Kev borrowed them?

Ah shucks, I thought you wouldn't notice. I took them on accident the other night and by the time I realized they weren't mine, I was too embarrassed to put them back where I found them. Here you go Pingu.


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False.... Acornia and República Argentina are the two oldest nations...

I sorted them by age and they were the first two to pop up. Oh well...

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