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An EPIC Protectorate from WAPA


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WAPA and EPIC Nations Affirmation of Defense

We Are Perth Army (WAPA) hereby extends protection and assistance to EPIC Nations in order to foster growth and good relations within EPIC Nations.

(1) WAPA and EPIC Nations will show all due respect to all member nations within.

(2) WAPA and EPIC Nations will not engage in any espionage against each other whether it be based on CyberNations itself, or whether it involves providing sensitive information to an enemy of either signatory alliance through other methods.

(3) WAPA and EPIC Nations will commit to defend each other through all means necessary. In Acts of Aggression committed on non-signatory alliances, discretion may be used in whether to aid or to remain neutral, however such support is encouraged.

(4) EPIC Nations will support WAPA's Senate Candidate as able.

(5) As WAPA has offered her support to the defense of EPIC Nations, WAPA must be involved in any treaty discussions that may add to that responsibility. EPIC Nations is free to negotiate any treaties that do not include a defense or aggression pact without WAPA's consent, but must consult WAPA leadership before entering into any other military treaties.

(6) This Treaty may be canceled by either signatory party after a 72-hour review period starting with a formal communication on WAPA's Official Message Boards. This Protectorate will also be reviewed in 90 days to re-evaluate its necessity.

Should any portion of this agreement be breached, the Offended MUST bring the situation to the leaders of the Offender's Alliance.

Signed for We Are Perth Army

The Firm


Earl Dumarest


Minister of Foreign Affairs


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Signed for EPIC Nations

President of EPIC nations


Vice President of EPIC Nations


Special Advisor to the Government/Director of Homeland Security


Head of State

General Eze

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Masko has officialy Knighted you.... I would say you wont top this moment. :( i still aint got mine

I said you had a girly sig, that ought to be good enough. :lol1:

Good luck in the future EPIC.

As a side note, will people stop making alliances using the word Epic please D:

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Congrats guys and welcome to Bob.

May i correct you that there not that new.

Epic... more like Epic Fail

This is all good :)

Did I see someone say "epic fail"? Well yes, those words do apply to the original EPIC, however the guys we are protecting are the new EPIC Nations.

Thank you for that correction and misunderstanding Earl. :rolleyes:

To an old friend of WAPA (Sec) and to a new great relationship with EPIC.

Glade to see this finally done. B)

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