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Announcement from the SOS Brigade and Tetris


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Two announcements from us today. The first is that we've signed an ODP with a great friend of ours, Tetris:


Article I - Peace:

SOS団 and Tetris agree to remain respectful and polite to each other in all channels of communication, public or private. They also resolve to seek diplomatic means to any possible conflicts they may have. Both alliances should look out for each others well-being. As a consequence of their mutual friendship, both parties agree not to attack each other for any reason. In the event of a treaty conflict that would draw the two into war with each other, this article will take precedence.

Article II - Intelligence:

Should either party receive information that pertains to the safety or well-being of the other signatory, they will seek to make it known to that signatory. Also, if either signatory has any reason to believe a security breach exists in the other alliance they are to present this concern and any evidence to their other signatory. Additionally, both parties agree not to commit espionage against each other.

Article III - Aid:

Should a signatory request aid of any sort, be it military, financial, or diplomatic, from the other alliance, they are encouraged (though not required) to provide said aid as able.

Article IV - Optional Defence:

Should a signatory come under the attack of a third party, the other signatory may offer military support to the attacked signatory, however this is not mandatory.

Article V - Cancellation:

In the unlikely event either signatory wishes to cancel this agreement, they are to give 24 hours' notice to the other party with reasons through private channels. This treaty will remain in effect throughout that time period.

Signed for the SOS Brigade,

Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

Freshmaker, ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student

Michael von Preußen, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot

Elrich von Richt, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko

Imperator, Ordinary Human and Errand Boy

Signed for Tetris,

Logan, Lead Game Developer

Granat, Programmer of Game Patent

Darth Pollard, Programmer of Foreign Matters

kean, Programmer of Internal Matters

USMC123, Game Councilor

BladeX, Game Councilor

The second announcement is that our former Ordinary Human and Errand Boy, Alekhine, has chosen to resign his position in the Brigade Staff due to other commitments, so we've chosen Imperator to succeed his most important role in the administration of the Brigade's internal affairs.


Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director

Edited by Arrnea
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