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International Dealership of Technology

President Klove

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Hello. Are you looking for tech deals. Are you tired of waiting so long to do tech deals. Well I have the solution. I have started up a new tech program for anyone of Cybernation. It is a program of which you can be in a variety of tech deals. We have 1x1 tech deals which is the best, and there is the 3x3 which is faster. It is your choose to join or not. If you want to join, please Click Here. This link will take you to the website in which the organization is being held. So come and become a tech dealer. You can also choose to be either a buyer or seller and then switch yours before your next deal. This is a sufficient way to do tech deals and you will also be involved in social communications.

To go to the website Click Here.

Once you go onto the site there will be a registration that reads IDOT Application. You must fill that out. Once you fill it out click on the link of the website at the bottom or type the site back into the url bar. Once you have done that, you are on your way to being apart of a tech deal.

IDOT is also looking for

  • Captains
  • Tech Enforcers
  • and more

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few things i noticed on the website

"http://idot34.weebly.com/idot-registration.html" it has 2 forms that are the exact same?

deal update section

"This is the section where you can view the updates of the current deals and where you can post your own updates onyur tech deals to keep track. To post your updates write down the following in your post:"

and is it just me or does the first "click here" in this thread doesnt work?

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Website is updated. Tech deals will begin shortly, but we still need more sellers. we are maxed with buyers and now looking for sellers. Once we find more sellers, we will get more buyers. So for all you sellers, sign up here to get in a tech deal today. We feature 1x1 and 3x3, but we will also use 2x2. So if you are interested, sign up now.

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