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Little Big Alliance vs. Big Top Order


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*Note: This probably isnt a DoW :rolleyes:


How Many Little Big People Fit in a Circus Tent?

Article 1. Soveignty: The Little Big Alliance is not the Big Top Order. The Big Top Order is not the Little Big Alliance. Anyone can't figure this out needs their eye's check mmmkay?

Article 2. Peace: when the other kids in they playground can't get along, BTO and LBA will hang out in #Hailba and get out the popcorn.

Article 3. Information: When either alliance sees a large mammal charging, say a bull, a polar bear, a monkey named Bobo, or a Woolly Turbomammoth, They will yell watch out!

Article 4. Aid: If either member forgot their lunch money, they can request the other member to give them monies.

Article 5. Seating: Exactly 256,368 little big people can be seated comfortably in a circus tent.

Article 6. Cancellation: Should either party wish to leave the tent, they may do so by giving a 48 hour notification to the other dudes. During this moving-out period both alliances will remain akwardly comfortable with each other.

/s/ LBA

King Alias, Sack King <--- the cool king btw

Snickrot, Sack Prince

Dingo, SoE

Teen Terminator, SoFA

Gaunty14, SoD

/s/ BTO

Co-Ringmaster SuperCoolYellow

Co-Ringmaster King Adam Olivier <--- the not-so-cool king btw

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I know what all of you are thinking.

“Good grief not more small alliances signing PIATs.”

Over the past months I have become good friends with King Alias and the rest of LBA. We have grown in friendship and respect for LBA, and I wanted to be able to support them in treaty. Unfortunately BTO has little to offer in military power, so military pact would be pointless, instead we offer help in the small way we can, with aid and information.

o/ LBA You are great friends, may our alliances increase.

Edited by supercoolyellow
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