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An old idea, a new use. (Top Secret)

Maelstrom Vortex

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The Dragonisian Military has now deployed to its underground outposts.. as part of its sensory packages.. a new shallow-depth seismograph designed to detect large scale troop movements, supply vehicles, and the motions of tanks. Since the underground facilities have the ability to be passed over multiple times by a front in a conflict, the seismographs will give an additional means of intelligence confirmation that when combined with other intelligence assets would help document enemy activity and routines; allowing them to be exploited. This prevents the underground units from having to actively deploy to the surface to do extensive recon if other recon methods are available to concur with the data from the seismographs. Cross referencing of the data allows for reaction to actual earth movements to be avoided. It will also be absurdly useful in detecting man made disasters.. having a sensitivity to explosions above par for normal seismographs.

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