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Treaty of Baku


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The Kingdom of Caucasia and the Sicilian League, recognizing their distinct cultural bonds, mutual respect, and strengthening friendship, hereby agree to a treaty of defense and aggression.

Article I. Non Aggression

The Kingdom of Caucasia and Sicilian League, henceforth referred to as Caucasia and Sicily, respectively, do agree to non aggression. Neither nation shall engage in, or condone, any act that may harm or be to the detriment of their co-signatory. This includes, but is not limited to, spy operations, military action, and granting military access to hostile forces.

Article II. Free Trade

Caucasia and Sicily hereby agree to abolish all tariffs on trade between their nations.

Article III. Mutual Defense

Should either signatory fall under attack, the other is required to enter the conflict with military and financial support.

Article IV. Optional Aggression

Should either signatory find it necessary to declare war upon another, the other has the option, but is not obligated, to declare war in assistance of the aggressor.

Article V. Cancellation

This treaty may be terminated at any time, provided that 72 hours advance notice is given, during which time the treaty remains in effect.

Signed for the Kingdom of Caucasia,

James Drake II, King of Caucasia

Signed for the Sicilian League,

Jean d'Aosta, Steward

"We are proud to sign this treaty with such a great nation."

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Statement from the League

... The Sicilian League is proud to sign this military and trade treaty with our friends in the Kingdom of Caucasia. They have stood by us in our time of peril and we now sign this treaty to declare our bonds of brotherhood and friendship to the world.

-Hossein Al-Hussein

League Director of Foreign Affairs

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