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Dearming the Imperial Army

Markus Wilding

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"All Imperial forces are to turn in their arms and recieve breifing, repeat, all Imperial forces are to turn in their arms and report for debriefing." was the call that rang through every barracks and quarters throughout the Empire. Lance Corporal Fuuga Deguchi grabbed his outdated Arisaka rifle and reported to the supply sergeant. "Good morning Fuuga. I assume you will head to the barracks?" Fuuga gave Touya Ninomiya his rifle, then replied "Yes, I heard that the UMS is offering us training." Touya glanced up from the paperwork he was absorbed in and said "Interesting how we are offered training when we can only use our weapons for defense." Fuuga cracked a smile and headed to the barracks, where nearly a battalion of men were settled in and awaiting General Hidehisa Tsuyuki's debriefing. Tsuyuki was a short man, by standards. He was a military advisor for the old Hae Da Fung, and left after it had announced it's secession from the Dragon Empire. He cleared his throat then began speaking.

"Gentlemen, I assume you that you have heard our corvette was sunk by UMS warships. Yes, shortly after that, we attended a conference where our honorable nation was imposed heavy fines for starting the war in the first place. Now, you know the terms. We have been ordered to demilitarize ourselves, though we were never told by how much, we are to use our military for defensive purposes only, we are to pay reparations to the Valkyries, our land is to be exempt of the AUP protectorate clause and our waters are to be free for use of Acca Dacca and her allies.

Gentlemen, as of now, 40% will need to pack your items and leave base. This 40% comes from the 1st and 2nd Battalions. I am dreadfully sorry, but they are the terms and we have agreed to them. Good day, gentlemen. Please return at 0900 tomorrow for defense breifings and where you need to be for them."

Fuuga was a bit more than shocked. Thankfully, his unit had been spared the cut, but he had lost friends. Now he was to help defend what was left of the Empire. He hoped the UMS would do more than teach them about defensive manouvers.

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"All Imperial soldiers, head to the armory to recieve your new weapons. UMS drill sergeants will arrive at 0100 hours. The current time is 0829. Thank you."

As Fuuga waited for his rifle, he overheard a conversation between two higher-ranked soldiers behind him. "I hear our new weapons are the exact opposite." "How?" "I hear they came from the original Hae Da Fung, as in Type 100s and Arisaka bolt-actions. They're completely downgrading us." "Any idea why the Emperor would want to do that?" "I think these were orders from Tsuyuki." "Odd." The line advanced, and soon it was Fuuga's turn. "Here you are, Fuuga. A Type 99 LMG, five magazines, bipod and a bayonet. You also get a Nanbu pistol. Head to the training range, Staff Sergeant Sanwa is waiting."

Fuuga and a squad of 100 soldiers stood in a perfect lines, eyes forward and an array of weapons held tight. Sanwa drilled the line with a speech, ending it with "All of you be careful out here, this is live fire. I don't want to send you home in a box because you did something stupid and got yourself killed. The UMS men are coming in 20 minutes, be ready for them."

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