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USN & Invicta


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What a wretched lot of old shrivelled creatures we shall be by-and-by. Never mind – the uglier we get in the eyes of others, the lovelier we shall be to each other; that has always been my firm faith about friendship. – George Eliot

Invicta has always been proud to call USN friend. And although our two alliances have long been tied together through the Common Defense Treaty, we each felt that we wanted to more fully express and codify our commitment to one another. A commitment that has lasted through thick and thin, even at those moments when each of us felt shunned in this lonely world we call Bob. Like outcasts. Like…

Two Pariahs in a Pod

Article I - Non Aggression

In signing this treaty, both parties agree that neither shall engage in hostile activities between the mentioned alliances.

Also in signing this treaty, it is agreed that neither alliance shall offer aid to the enemy of the other alliance.

Article II - Mutual Defense

If a signatory of this treaty finds itself under the attack of a third alliance, the other signatory is expected to defend the alliance under attack by the form of counter-attack ASAP. Neither signatory is required to aid the other with military assistance in wars that are caused via an existing MDP with an alliance outside this treaty.

Article III – Aggressive Warfare

Either signatory may choose to aid or engage alongside their fellow signatory in an aggressive war, following their standard protocols for war declaration. Such action is not required, nor expected, to be provided, and the declination of such shall not effect the standing of this treaty.

Article IV- Intelligence

In signing this treaty, both parties agree not to conduct any form of espionage on the other.

Should the signatory alliances discover any intelligence that would expose a plot by a party hostile to either signatory, then it is their duty to hand over such evidence to ensure the peace and prosperity of the signatories.

Article V – Precedence

The signatory alliances in this document agree that this document takes precedent over any treaties not requiring mutual defense of the signatory alliances.

Article VI - Article of Withdrawal

Should either party want to withdraw this treaty, 72 hours of notice must be given before the treaty is dissolved.

By signing this treaty both parties agree to all the above Articles.

Signed for USN:

FluffyEwunga AKA Cora Mcstrap, Alliance Council

Britwarlord, Alliance Council

Beale947, Alliance Council

Nepoleon IIII, Security General

rylejed, Minister of Recruitment

Vladisvok Destino, Minister of Internal Affairs

Emperor Keith, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Borimir Resurrected, Minister of Economics

Signed for Invicta:

Jorost, President

Atlashill, Vice President

Haflinger, Ambassador-at-Large, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps & Recovering “DeGrassi Junior High” Addict

President Gunn, Minister of Internal Affairs

ShotgunWilly, Minister of Finance

Buddyboyrollin, Minister of War

Edited by Jorost
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