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Genesis - The Resistance ODP

Jimi Hendrix

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Born from the ashes of friendship, I present to you the following treaty.


Optional Defense Pact and Official Playlist of The Resistance and Genesis

1. Walk With Me in Hell: Each signatory of this treaty shall remain civil and friendly to each other in public forums. Templar shall be provided with goat-blood sacrifices as deemed necessary to achieve this.

2. Uprising: Neither signatory of this treaty shall engage in any form of hostile activity, hereafter defined as military force, internal subversion or espionage of any kind, against the other. Exempt from this article are wars against sentient robots, Muse albums, or any inevitable future French resistance.

3. All Along the Watchtower: If one signatory is involved in a state of war, the other signatory may provide strategic, monetary, or military aid if they wish. This aid is not mandatory, but the opposing signatory should at least unleash a wicked face-melting and otherwise righteous guitar solo.

4. For Whom The Bell Tolls: If this treaty no longer represents the relationship between Genesis and The Resistance, either signatory may in public or private deliver the cancellation notice to the other. The treaty will stand for 7 days after this notification is received.

Signed for The Resistance

Prime Minister mattski133

Vice Prime Minister Yankeesfan924

Grand Vizier Overlord Shinnra

Minister of Defense Metal Shards

Minister of Finance ty345

Minister of Foreign Affairs SilentFuRy

Minister of Internal Affairs PrimeMinisterGreen

Minister of Recruitment Appoliqize

Signed for Genesis

Templar - Trinity

empirica - Trinity

flygirl - Trinity

Jimi Hendrix - Minister of Foreign Affairs

PierreG - Minister of Internal Affairs

Retriloumis - Minister of Defense

Net Bawler - Minister of Recruitment

19thSpecOps - Minister of Communication

o/ The Resistance

o/ Genesis

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I am honored to again have a treaty with the fine people over at Genesis. We've been through some real gnarly situations and as far as alliance's go, there isn't another I'd sooner defend. Here's to a friendship reborn.

o/ Genesis

o/ The Resistance


)): Templar )):

EDIT: there you go.

Edited by mattski133
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yes, my little threat finally got this announced :smug:

o/ to my favorite blue alliance

o/ to my favorite orange alliance


EDIT: fogot a 'g' :\

Edited by maicke
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o/ Our fine friends in TR

Now we need something to counter the obligatory :(( Templar :((

just so you know, its )):, not :((

( its ) ) : without the spaces)

Edited by maicke
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I request no Genesis or Resistance members below the rank of applicant to post in this thread.

Best of luck you two. ;)

If you are going to try to bring up such an ancient line, at least do it right. Also hello.

It is good to renew old friendships. o/

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