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Vox Populi  

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I wonder what the game would be like without Vox Populi. My guess is that Q would still run the game, and everyone would be even more bored than we are now. I'd like to hear your takes.

Edit. The poll is asking if Vox Populi was needed in general to keep things interresting and stir things up.

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Do I think CyberNations needed Vox Populi?

What is this, a post-job review? Is Vox Populi now like my gardener, needing validation over the job he did? Vox Populi was a movement that wanted change and got it. That was their function.

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Doitzel and the Arrowheadian said it best.

Vox was a product of its time; it was needed back then, now something different is. After such a drastic change of scenery, people took time to adjust. The pieces had to fall into place, there was some roughing up between all the blocs. I think the next months will see more moves being made, as shakers get tired of this new order of sorts. Public opinion seems to be switching, event after event, to tolerance towards a more aggressive approach to conflicts. One may argue that we have seen a lot of "hippy backlash" but, back during the Q years, all the conflicts of late would have simply been settled behind closed doors, in private IRC rooms. It was simply another kind of peace.

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I feel as if you're quoting Doitzel unintentionally.

Also, I fit the heartless section. I never liked Vox, nor will I ever.

Well, you're Pacifican scum.

No. We never have any need for self publicizing failed politicians and bitter old men.

Wow you really burned us. I'm sorry the likes of myself, Schattenmann, Electron Sponge, Doitzel, Chickenzilla, MegaAros, etc, aren't as good as yourself.

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They left a job half done.

They got rid of the old system of stagnation with one bloc on top and everyone else unable to do anything lest they get rolled by Q and replaced it with a new system of stalemate with four blocs that won't act in case they get rolled by the other three blocs.

yeah it was a great leap sideways.

From stagnation to stalemate.

We need something to stir the place up again.

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