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Coraline Island Invasion

Zoot Zoot

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It was cold over Coraline Island, from the aircraft he could see sporadic gunfire around the edges of the city as the five hundred man Garrison made its way towards the Government buildings in the City center. Artillery batteries delivering the good news as it soared over the night skies into the Coraline insurgents dug in around a housing estate on the Edges of town.

Colonal Kurtz looked around at the sixty four men in the aircraft with him... all grim faced and ready to take back this rock in the name of the Corporation and to avenge the atrocities commited by the terrorists who planted the bombs.

"red light fellas lets get ready and do your checks" yelled the Colonal, trying to be heard over the sounds of the engines.

The men stood up and filed into rows, ready to jump into what was quickly becoming hell.

As the green light came on the Colonal stood next to the now open ramp and ordered his men out into the night.

One by one they charged past and dived out of the aircraft into the sky and began their journey down to ground level.

As the last man, more of a boy charged past him the Colonal gave a thumbs up to the crew and dived out into the inky blackness and began to plummet to the earth.

The Wind blasted his body and when he thought he could take no more his feet touched the ground hard, dropping and rolling to avoid breaking his ankles Kurtz stood back upright, corrected his helmet and began organising the now disembarked and battle ready soldiers.

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*Meanwhile on ground level the garrison moves forward*

Acting Sergeant Hartman and his ten man squad moved silently towards the apartment blocks on the far eastern side of the housing estate.

Their orders were to move around and secure the estates entrance and round up any rebels they encountered.

The sound of distant gunfire and explosions lit up the skies revealing the paratroopers now dropping in like angels.

The crisp white snow crunched under Hartmans feet as he and his men moved towards their objective, which was now in sight. They approached a wall about four feet high and followed that to move in some cover. As they got closer gunfire got louder and it became obvious, as a bullet zipped over Hartmans head right into the face of the man behind him they were being shot at.

"GET INTO COVER NOW" he screamed into his headset as he dived to the ground. His men followed suit and hit the deck into the cold snow.

The air around them was hot with lead and hartman put their number at around eight.

Motioning to his men to get ready Hartman crawled to a section of the wall which was broken to get a closer look. Raising his rifle infront of him as he peaked around the corner he bagan to return fire on the insurgents in the building infront of him. On seeing their leader returnfire then men began to send some bullets back.

"FOUR MEN! move to the right and go back along the way we came and jump over the wall, get a firing position on that building and lay down cover fire, the rest of you with me. COVERING FIRE!" he ordered and began pumping 5.56 at a target in the top window, dropping him like a sack of bricks.

The four men he gave the task to moved back along the wall and jumped over around fifty meters away and crept close to the building, their rifles ready.

"$%&@ this, this is easier... sierra oscar milk juliet this is pig-one, requesting Artillery strike on these coordinates" Hartman said into his radio.

"Roger that Pig one twelve rounds incoming to your positon, get into some cover" came the reply.

"TAKE COVER, DANGER CLOSE, DANGER CLOSE" Came the Sergeants voice as he dived into a snow drif yet again, closley followed by his soldiers.

The rounds screamed one afterthe other, 9 strikes out of twelve on the building, the others fell harmlessly into the open ground filled with snow causing big snow explosions. Hartman Watched as the buildings front was torn open and the firing stopped.

"Everyone up and lets keep moving" said Hartman, standing up and brushing the snow off his body armor.

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Over the course of the night fighting intensified as the UC forces closed in on the government building.

at 03.00 earlier this morning, the regional government issued a surrender order and were arrested for terrorism after pleading with the insurgents to lay down their arms.

small skirmishes start and stop across the city as people who havnt had the message yet fight on and die.

Casualties for the insurgents estimated at around 120, casualties for the UC forces are at 42.

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