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increase population n income


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Social Security System. It is a national wonder which costs 40,000,000.

what are your resources? a good resource build will help your nation alot.

He is a long way off getting SSS :lol:

Your alliance should have alot of guides on how to improve your population and income.

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how to increase income

how to increase population

At the very basic level it works in a circle:

1. Use all (most) of your money to buy Infra, since that increases your population.

2. That will mean that tomorrow you will collect more money, so you can buy even more new infra, giving you a larger increase in population.

3. Next day you collect even more money because you have more pop, so you buy even more infra, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

anyway, if you're joining NPO I'm sure their economic guides will show you this in much more detail, like getting improvements etc. Have fun!

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