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The End of an Era


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Uberstein walks up to the podium, the flag of Finland draped behind him, the Presidential seal on the front of the podium. He clears his throat, then looks at the cameras,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to bring you good news. I am stepping down from the Presidency of the Republic of Finland. I know many will be surprised at this action of mine, I know that many within Finland will ask why and my personal staff have asked me many times to rethink my decision. I know the many enemies I have made over my 50 or so odd years in politics will applaud this action, raise toasts behind closed doors, or even open ones, and say that this is a great day. For once, I will agree with them, but for different reasons. I started the Republic of Finland, I took this ship to sea and I've guided it through harsh waves, even steered it towards a storm or two, not knowing what would happen. I took the title President-For-Life because of fear, fear that the people of Finland would be lost without me, fear for my own selfish want for power. But, in that time, I have learned many things, and I truly appreciate the honor the Finnish people have given me by supporting me as their leader, even through the hard times, times when we stood on the edge of destruction because of positions I had put this nation into. Because of my moral code, my feelings of personal responsibility and ethics, we have faced wars. Because of my past and the grudges of old leaders, the Finnish people have had to fight for their lives. I will admit I always have my doubts, hindsight without a rose tint is something all leaders should have, but I still defend my decisions, and I hold very few real regrets. Yet, the past is the very reason why I am stepping down. I am of an older generation, in my 71 years of life I have seen many things, I have changed my opinions many times, but I am still not of this new world. I was born in 1938, now it's 2009, and Europe, my homeland, has seen so many wars that I cannot remember all of their names. I am a man born of war, into war, who only understands how to maneuver when there is a clear enemy. This is no longer the age for violence. Sarah Tintagyl was right, this is the age of negotiation, the age of peaceful talks, where military action is a last resort. But we cannot move into this age whilst people like myself still grip to the days where war was glorious. In the modern age of nuclear warfare and weapons that make the battlefield more horrifying than ever before, those of the old generation must step down and let the men and women of peace take their place. I will be moving back to my Estate in southern Bavaria, and the next president will be elected from the current members of Parliament by popular vote. I leave knowing that Finland will be left in capable hands, that Finland will prevail. Thank you."

He gives a sharp salute, and walks off the stage, the anthem of Finland playing in the background.

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Private Letter to Baron Uberstein

Dear Baron,

While we have never had the pleasure of meeting I just want to send you my wishes as you step down from a long a storied career serving your people. You have done more in a lifetime then many men could even dream of, you have built nations from nothing and steered them through innumerable wars and crises. You are truly one of the foremost men of our time, and I just want to congratulate you. I do hope you enjoy a well-deserved retirement. If you do get the opportunity, I would very much like to meet you face to face, I feel there are many things you would be interested in hearing.

Warmest regards,

Jean d'Aosta


Statement from the Sicilian League

The Sicilian League is saddened to see teh retirement of President Uberstein, he is a man that has been instrumental in the establishment and continued success of the Finnish Republic. Scandinavia has long been shaped by President Uberstein, his presence in the region and the community of nations will be sorely missed. The League is confident that the Republic of Finland will be able to survive without the resolute guidance of President Uberstein, he has crafted a strong nation with strong democratic institutions that will surely continue to thrive well into the future. The League wishes the best of luck to the people of Finland and to President Uberstein as he bids his leave from the community of nations.

-Hossein Al-Hussein

League Director of Foreign Affairs

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*A private note, from Sarkara to Uberstein*

Erwin, hello.

We haven't seen each other in a long time, but I hope you remember me well.

Well, anyways. I believe it was a wise decision to step back and let others take the reigns of Finland. Everyone needs a change every once in a while, though for some the change is greated than for others. I, for one, would be unrecognizable if you saw me right now.

Perhaps you'd like to visit one day. Until then, I wish you good luck, and a lot of reading material. You should consider making a world-tour of the nations, by the way. Would certainly be interesting.

But, I'll not annoy you for longer. If you want to visit, just drop by the Palace of the Republic and talk to one of my ministers, they've been told to help you as well as they can.



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The Eggman Empire congratulates the Baron on his peaceful transfer of power and wishes him well in his years of retirement.

Uberstien's leaving? Damn. He always kept things interesting in Europe. Ah well, send him a fruit basket or something.

-Emperor Kintober

PS:Enjoy this fruit basket and Ruski hat we're sending you.

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OOC: Expats are people from my nation traveling, living or otherwise passing through another nation. Its assumed that some Molakians were not in Molakia during the war. If im not allowed to RP expatriots then I will cease to do so.

OOC: I have no idea to be honest, I don't mind. I'm just a nitpicker. <__<

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