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Union of International Powers


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Greetings CNers! I would like to announce the creation of a new alliance, the Union of International Powers or UIP. So far I've set up a forum but not much else. It's a clean slate. No gov't, no baggage. I'm looking for anyone who's willing to risk all and help me start this new alliance. Once we agree on a gov't I will edit this post and change it to an alliance announcement.

So if anyone wishes to join, come on in!

Some alliance facts:

Name: Union of International Powers

Initialism: UIP

Team(s): All

Forum: Yes

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Good luck with your recruiting! :awesome:

Not going so good so far. I think I'll write the charter, but wait to form a gov't until after I've got 4 members. Should be all I need to form a core gov't while I recruit a general membership.

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