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Spreading Christmas Cheer


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Happy Whatever you may celebrate around this time of year. Have lots of fun but be safe so we can !@#$%* at each other in the New Year.

Special Holiday wishes to Locke :wub:

Even a Happy Holidays to those in Mushroom Kingdom... that felt wrong... DAMN YOU The AUT!

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Van Hoo: Give me a big hug, you great softie.

Fok and little FoK: Merry christmas you nowtie bag of Belgians and pretend Belgians*

Mushroom Kingdom: Despite everything you say and do, I think you may be pleasant and reasonable at heart.

Ragnarok: Come round my house and drink my wine. It doesn't taste funny, no.

Cuddles Corinan and others who obviously just need a l'l love this season.

*I'm perfectly aware they're Dutch. My Xmas spirit can only stretch so far.

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