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Old Friends Pact


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OOC: Please don't start gunning, I said that I wouldn't have a lot of treaties and I won't, it's just that Zoot and I are really tight.


Old Friends Pact

Treaty of Mutual Defense and Economic Favoritism

Article I:

The undersigned do agree to resolve disputes via dialogue, and to abstain from war with all of the undersigned parties. The undersigned do agree to grant all of the undersigned parties economic favoritism, an example being price deals and tariff relaxation. The undersigned agree to promote free trade between the undersigned parties, whenever and wherever possible.

Article II:

The undersigned do agree that an attack on one nation is to be considered an attack on all signatories, should the assaulted nation activate this treaty. The undersigned are not obligated to intervene if the treaty is not activated by the assaulted nation. This treaty does not cover internal strife and civil war, rebellions, revolutions, or other internal affairs. This treaty covers only external threats to a nation's sovereignty. If the undersigned are utterly incapable of supporting all of the signatories with military action, logistical support and intelligence sharing are viable alternatives.

Article III:

The undersigned do agree to establish a military base on all of the undersigned's soil, to be considered territory of the garrison's nation of origin. The garrison should not exceed one-thousand personnel. Outside of the garrison, all personnel are subject to the host nation's laws and customs.

Article IV:

In the event that this treaty is canceled altogether, or a signatory withdraws from the treaty, all other signatories must be given 72 hours notice before the official declaration of withdrawal and/or nullification


For Blue Heaven:

Prime Minister Roger Smith

Blue Heaven Parliament

For Umbrella Corporation:

Chairman Albert Wesker

Umbrella Corporation

Malvinas Islands and Territories

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