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Black Order of Mastery


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As B.O.o.M.'s CoFA, I am here to try to recruit new members into our ranks.

I. Alliance Purpose

A. The Black Order of Mastery (Referred to hereafter as BOoM) exists as an alliance of advancement. Membership in BOoM guarantees faster nation development than a non-affiliated nation.

B. All members participate in the forums and are provided resources to be kept up to date on business and politics in Cybernations (Referred to hereafter as CN).


II. The High Council and Authority

A. The Black Order of Mastery is ruled in absolute by the High Council.

B. The High Council reserves the right to the final word in all matters and interpretation of all rules set forth by them.

C. The High Council may grant or remove positions of power within the alliance at will.


III. Order in the Alliance

A. All members of BOoM are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the High Council, and by joining agree that they know full well all said rules and regulations.

B. Any member found in violation of the Rules and Regulations will be appropriately Disciplined.

C. Members that have been removed from the alliance due to disciplinary issues, but does not agree to change his or her Alliance Affiliation will be amply forewarned before disciplinary action is taken on CN.


IV. Foreign Policy

A. BOoM is an alliance with an 'Open Door' policy. BOoM welcomes all ambassadors and foreign diplomats.




The Russian


As of now:

  1. We have some leadership positions available.
  2. Allow techraiding under some rules (no alliance, and such...)
  3. We are a small but experienced alliance

Visit us here at our Forums.

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