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The Infinity Times


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Conceived and written by Ichabod. Edited by Zenith. Hail Infinity!


The Infinity Times, First Issue!

Hello everyone, the Infinity Alliance is sending out its first News Update!

The Infinity Elections:

Elections are over here at TIA, and everyone managed to keep their seats! It is probably because no one wanted to run against our awesome government. In case you didn't know, here they are:


Director of Infinity Central: RedZero


Director of Infinity Institute: FA_Hayek


Director of Infinity United: elcanatureboy


Director of Infinity Global: Zenith (our Tibetan Monk)

Growth News:

In a short amount of time, TIA has managed to start its first TWO wonders. FA_Hayek and Zenith both opened Stock Markets giving their economies a major boost!

While TIA has a great recruiting program, many nations quickly become inactive. Currently we have 12 nations, a low for the past few months, but only 2 are considered inactive! Current reforms are going on to stop inactivity from occurring, but CN isn't for everyone. We have had one member start buying tech, and plan to have two more selling tech soon. I know we are small, but we are growing from the ground up, and let me tell you, it is a one of a kind experience! If this wasn't going in alliances, I would definitely suggest you join. But we won't poach.

Foreign Affairs News:

TIA's foreign affairs have really taken off in the past few weeks! We have opened new Embassies at 6 alliances, and renewed some older ones. We are considering signing GR's DoN, and we have a few alliances considering signing ours. Here is a current list of our official Foreign Affairs documents:

-Protectorate from NpO

Declaration of Neutrality Signed by:

-Green Old Party

-Flying Hellfish United

-North Atlantic Trade Organization

If you are interested in signing our DoN, contact your local diplomat! It does not obligate you to act in anyway that you wouldn't act already, and it keeps us in line!

Economy News:

We are still selling tech at a high rate! Remember, The Infinity Alliance is focused on tech trades and getting you rich! If your alliance is looking to buy some tech, check us first! We are always on time! We also have one tech buyer, but his trade circle just screwed him over, so he might need some time before he can buy again.

University News:

We gave out our first degree last month! Ichabod (not to brag, but I am Ichabod) got his first major in Economics, with a minor in Military Action. The school is going strong, helping students learn how to effectively experience CyberNations.

I know it was short, but hopefully it was sweet. We hope to increase our news, but at least now you have an idea about what is going on at the business man's alliance. Good bye friends! God Bless!

-Ichabod, TIA Envoy


TIA supports Truthiness with extreme bias.

Edited by ZenithFrost
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I hope in the future that we can share more good news! Hopefully next edition will have articles written by someone other than me in the alliance!

Thanks for the support!

Hail Infinity!

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