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Nueva Vida Milestones


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We, the priests of the god of war, Huitzilopochtli, now have over 1000 of his greatest blessings: nuclear weapons. We honor the warriors of the past with our great strength. We have also built our 25th Weapons Research Center: these are our most sacred temples for the great god of war, and we know we honor his worship with these great and glorious institutions.

Moreover, we no longer hover around 4 million NS. We have firmly passed that milestone and continue to climb in strength and prosperity.

Let our allies rejoice in the strength we gladly lend them and let our enemies tremble! We of Nueva Vida stand ever ready defend our people with honor above all else.

The current government of Nueva Vida is as follows:

Nelchael, Emperor

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

Rin Heine, Lord of the Exchequer

Shaunbing, Lord of War

Zzzptm, Lord of the Interior

Centurius, Deputy Lord of Brotherhood

Karthikking, Deputy Lord of the Exchequer

FederationArmy, Deputy Lord of War

OberstKrieger, Deputy Lord of the Interior

Feel free to visit us at http://www.nuevavida-cn.net and at #nv to wish us well. We shall greet you with a feast and some of our special brand of tequila.


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Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone were to quit NV at this very moment, effectively dropping our nuke count below 1k? *Plays with the idea in his mind* :lol1:

o7 NV

*Checks alliance stats*


We really do appreciate your continued support of the alliance at times like these, RK.

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By the way, NV is having a secret contest to see how many of our allies will post their support. So far, VE is out in front with 2. Keep sending those cards and letters, O Trusted Allies of ours!

You know we love you all.

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I was wondering when you'd join us at the 1k nuke club. Though I must admit that 4 million NS is hugely impressive. Let's kill something sometime soon eh?

We could attack GPA.



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