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Trouble Brewing


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Around the ten member council a sheet of numbers was being passed around. On the paper was a list of material amounts.

-the list-

5491 boxes

3000 containers of test material A

1000 containers of test material B

250 containers of test material C

200 containers of test material D

40 containers of test material E

1 container of test material F

10982 containers of compressed oxygen

10 rolls of packing tape

481 bags of packing peanuts

-end list-

"Before you", a man spoke from his position at one end of a long table that the council sat at, "is the list for our latest weapon test from Armacham. They have been shipped out on a freighter set to make its journey to several locations, and to change its registration at each port. We have included a back registration at our own port using a different ship that was still making its international rounds. That ship has been sunk to prevent possible discovery of discrepancy."

Behind the man a map lowers showing a general world map

"The first port shall be at three locations in the Protectorate to deliver outpost supplies and pick up cargo for their other destinations."

Three points along the Antarctic coast were highlighted by a multi-pointer overhead light in the ceiling.

"Then will make its way North as if it was a regular cargo vessel. We hope to offload cargo in Europe, the Americas, and the Africa/Asia border before heading to Arctica in the Indian Ocean."

Another light illuminates the island of Madagascar.

"This is where the weapon test will take effect. We are expecting mass hysteria if not panic on part of the population. Names and addresses to receive the packages have already been selected at random from a directory. Inaccurate return addresses will be affixed to the packages depending on which ports it stops at after leaving Antarctica. Once all packages have been sent into the mail system the ship will leave port, and be scuttled in a Antarctic Ocean storm. Further details are contained in the operations portfolio located in front of you."

Kaan Tarii, at the other end of the table, "Council is dismissed."

OOC: as I said, this is mainly for Vedran, but if anyone wants to be a port that the ship stops at on the way send me a PM or something. Just remember its acting like a regular cargo freighter hauling goods and materials.

Also, I know I'm not very detailed on this OP, but thats what other posts are for. :P

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