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An announcement from TCoC/RoA

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The Confederation of Canada would like to announce, proudly that is, the signing of an ODP with the Republic of Aquisgrana - may it be the first of many, and may it be the foundation of something grand. In lieu of, or, in a lack of care for a treaty name, we have settled on something simple. Enjoy, well, not really - dull as a dull.

The Republic of Aquisgrana / The Confederation of Canada Optional Defense Pact


Whereas the alliances of the Republic of Aquisgrana ("RoA") and The Confederation of Canada ("TCoC") hereby solidify their ties in mutual cooperation and optional defense ("ODP").

Article I.

Of Non-Aggression,

All forms of in-game aggression between the members of RoA and TCoC are illegal. "In-game aggression" is deemed to include, but is not limited to: sanctions, declarations of war, providing aid to nations or alliances at war with either signatory alliance, and all forms of espionage, whether in-game or otherwise. Both parties also agree to refrain from public criticism of members of the corresponding signatory alliance on the Open World Forum, and to seek resolution of any disagreements through private channels. Should a member of RoA or TCoC break these terms, all diplomatic avenues will be used in order to resolve any differences, and, if deemed fit, reparations will be paid.

Article II.

Of Friendship and Respect,

RoA and TCoC are committed to maintaining good relationships with one another and to nurture growing friendships. Both signatory parties will treat each other with decency and respect which will help the bond flourish. This includes friendly contact in both forums and IRC. Should any problems arise, they will be dealt with peacefully and in the proper manner.

Article III.

Of Communication,

Both RoA and TCoC pledge to maintain open communication with each other. Diplomats are to register and to contribute on the other alliance’s forums, where they will be treated with courtesy and respect by the host alliance.

Article IV.

Of Intelligence,

Both TCoC and RoA agree that, should either signatory, by any means whatsoever, come into possession of intelligence of strategic or political importance to the corresponding signatory alliance they are bound to share it with the other party through private channels.

Article V.

Of Optional Defense,

RoA and TCoC agree to be bound together in times of war and peace. During wartime either signatory may request economic or military assistance from the other, but compliance, while encouraged, is not mandatory under terms of this treaty.

Article VI.

Of Upgrade and Review,

This treaty will be subject to periodic review at the discretion of the signatory alliances and may be upgraded at any time upon the agreement of both parties hereto.

Article VII.

Of Termination,

A breach of any of the terms set forth herein constitutes grounds for termination of this treaty, but such termination is not automatic. Either party may choose to terminate this ODP at their sole discretion. Following due notice on the part of either signatory party of their desire to terminate this treaty, it will continue in full force and effect for seventy-two (72) hours. Until the time of termination this treaty is incorporated into the law of the signatory alliances.

Signed by and for the Republic of Aquisgrana,

  • Valdemar, Magistratus
  • Elfriede Riotte, Minister Legati
  • Smylie, Minister Domesticus
  • Shermanaslovakia, Minister Frugalitas
  • Kurt von Equord, Minister Defensionis
  • Kaiser Milch, Minister Immigrationis

Signed by and for The Confederation of Canada,

  • The Right Honourable, Prime Minister Sir John A MacDonald UL
  • The Honourable, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bowman

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