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Treaty Upgrade


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Nice and Neat: Treaty Upgrade

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.

-- William Gladstone (1809-1898)


We, the Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (NEAT) and United under Scorn (US) recognize the sovereign rights of every nation to be able to move freely and grow their nation in peace so long as they are causing no harm around them. That being said, we also recognize that the reality of Digiterra requires that on occasion remaining free to pursue our goals require sacrifice, up to and including military action. Pursuant to these principles we both hold, we hereby agree to abide by the following:

Article I:

Sovereignty: NEAT and US are free and sovereign alliances, independent of each other with respect to both internal and external policy. Neither party takes responsibility for the independent actions or statements of the others. Joint statements or actions will be explicitly identified as such.

Article II:

Non-aggression: A state of peace shall exist between NEAT and US. If a member of one alliance declares war on a member of the other, peace shall be made as quickly as possible and the aggressive party will offer reparations to the aggreived party consisting of at least the cost of all damages. Similarly, the parties agree that neither shall spy on the other in any way. All negotiations for reparations will be handled internally between the parties involved and the leaders of each alliance.

Article III:

Intelligence: Should one alliance become aware of a possible threat that could cause harm to the other, they shall inform the alliance via secure channels. Members of each alliance are encouraged (but not required) to share any additional information.

Article IV:

Optional Defense: In the event that either NEAT or US come under military or spy attack (or threats thereof) the other signatory may offer any assistance, be it diplomatic, financial, or military, as agreed between both alliances. Financial aid shall be considered a gift (as opposed to a loan) unless otherwise agreed. The Option to come to the defense on behalf of a the other will be dependent upon the reasons the other came under attack. The fact that the aggressor(s) may be stronger or better connected will NOT be a factor in the decision.

Article V: Cancellation

Should either signatory see the need to dissolve this agreement, they shall notify the other on their forums two weeks in advance.

In hope of peace,


NEAT General Assembly


Lord Necroseer

Lady White Chocolate

Co-Founders & Leaders of US

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