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What grows faster oranges or vines?


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We heard a rumour that ODN reckoned that they had better recruiters than us. "Shocking!" said Altheus, "Preposterous!" said Hans, "We'll show em!" said ForeignOwnage amongst others. Unwilling to let this grave insult rest Abdur, UPN Minister of Recruitment, strode like a Titan into ODNs channel and threw down the gauntlet. Game on!

Yep, it's a recruitment contest. 8th December to the 8th January. Also...we're going to win ^_^

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ODN After they met UPN: florida_orange.jpg

Good Luck to both sides in this contest!

But seriously, ODN is getting Bull Dozed :)

Actually mold grows faster than oranges or vines, so that would be a win for us :awesome:

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