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State of the Eldar #5


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Well few changes since State of the Eldar #4. Time has passed, beer has been drunk, cookies have been eaten, and NS and Nukes were gained. We have also regained some more government positions are close to finally filling our government fully. For the first time ever we have a Lord of Recruitment with the return of the (hopefully) repentant Emperor Jason and the addition of Krausberg as our Lord of Foreign Affairs.

Although we failed to get our 100k NS goal we have done a decent job building up without the addition of any new nations joining. Our average NS is up and our nuke count keeps rising so its all good here.

stat link because Corrupt is too lazy to make an image. <_<


Once again our allies in RDD, AB, and Vanguard have been awesome for us and we'll leave you again with a completely random image.



The Corrupt Teacher, King of the Eldar

ddog, Prince of the Eldar

Neforatu, Lord of War

Valhallan, Lord of Internal Affairs

Krausbergr, Lord of Foreign Affairs

Emperor Jason, Lord of Recruitment

Edited by Neforatu
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