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Die Wende

Kaiser Martens

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"You have failed, Tambar."

The young scarred man frowns, showing his disgust physically as a part of his answer, "I did not fail. They are the ones who failed to follow up with the plans. They are the ones who have chosen the path of cowardice."

"Friesland was lost for nothing. And we could not fully honor our agreement to Rheinmark either. You have achieved absolutely nothing. And we are still widely hated."

-"You blame me for each failure. But how about your pretty overpriced fortifications? Had we had a better economy we would not have needed such a monstrosity. Which, by the way, turned out to be useless. I shudder to think what our Krönson may have learned from you. Did you also tell him about the times spent with the old Harlot and about your role in the destruction of Nordland?"

"...How dare you speak to me like this? You cocky youths! You...Peasant!"

-"Your time has passed, Tanzband. You represent the failures of our past...without representing its good aspects. Our economy is hardly capable. We're the most unsuccesful any German Nation has ever been since Old Eastern Germany...thanks to you. You must quit your positions. Resign."

"How dare you order ME around? $%&@, I was fighting for Germany and Nordland before you were born! Have you come all this way to my Palace to inform me about THAT? I am not ANY happier than you about the current state of affairs!"

By then, Regent Tanzband had become rather aggitated and rose from his chair, balling his fists. Tambarskjelve stands in his perfect black uniform in front of him, and without a hint of emotion goes on to speak,

-"You are under arrest, Regent. Regent no more, that is. Do not worry, there'll be a trial..."

He was speechless as soldiers slowly entered the room. He would call for his Personal Guard, but they had already been removed by non-lethal means. It was a sad day in the manor, some of his Household was there to witness his removal. Fearing for his death, a few of them were seen to shed tears, as if it were time for a funeral already.

Things were on the move. On the same morning, there had been several other high-profile arrests, including many high functionaries that had been active during the Nordland Era. This included Heimdall and Freja from the Aesir. Approximately thirteen different Nordland era figures, some of which had been in the cabinet, had been seized and would be soon put to trial. Although no government announcement was made, news would travel fast.

The pieces of the German Board started to shift, swap and rearrange.

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Public opinions would be mixed. The trials were not hurried. It took six months, which for Germany was a long time judicially, to finish with every trial. There were many accusations regarding the role of the different individuals during the Nordland era, including war crimes. There was a variety of sentences for them all, some had to go in Thralldom for some Months and some Years, one was Executed, some were exiled and two were acquitted. As per usual, the trials were processed with Prussian Efficiency so that nobody would be able to speak about it. Some dissent was raised by these actions, but in turn part of the society further supported the current Government due to these actions, things evened out.

The two highest profile cases were, as expected, Freja and Tanzband's trials. Before the trials proper however, the Judges knew that they would not execute them. The reason was simply that they could not afford to make Martyrs out of them, like Zisa and Magnhild had already been. They could not afford to stir chaos in society, they would need to extract justice in some other way. And so, Freja would find her posessions taken by the Government and then she would be exiled, deported from Germany...to any country which may accept her.

Tanzband's trial was of an even bigger relevance, and would be addressed by the very leaders of the Judicial System, while receiving broad coverage from the media - it was, like the rest of the trials, public. It would begin soon.

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News from Germany came slowly across the border, but when it became clear what was happening, Norway jumped into alert. The last time they began to change, they ended in a bloody civil war, one that Norway was not prepared to see happen again. For the moment, there was no word from the government on the possibility of violence, however, a higher presence of soldiers could be noticed on the Norway-German Border, and satellites were sure to capture as many images as possible of the country. If Germany fell into another civil war, it would not go unnoticed, and unabated.

"Norway is, as always, open to those displaced for their ideas, or by war. Anyone deported by Germany, should they wish, are free to immigrate to Norway, so long as they follow standard immigration procedures of course."

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The Republic of Finland places 4 more divisions on the Swedish/Finnish border, but otherwise stays at standard defcon. These movements were mainly because troops were not needed on the eastern boarder with Slavorussia.

A private letter was sent by Uberstein to Tanzband,

"We've disagreed in many areas, in fact, it's easy to say we're each others arch nemesis in the political field, but you've always been one of the more reasonable people in Germany, so I have to ask, what the hell is happening over there?"

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"No." Sarah shivered as she watched the news in Germany. "No, Albert, it can't end like this. You...you saved me..." She turned off the television and retreated back to her bedroom and collapsed on her bed reduced to tears. There was really nothing she could do, Sarah Tintagyl was hated in Europe and this was the heart of Europe. Perhaps the focal point of Hanseatic hatred, Germany from the beginning had been at odds with that small country from Finland...but...she loved him still, and would do anything to see him again. Do anything to know that he would be okay and that he would be spared from the axe of the law. Sarah still felt that deep down people wanted what was best and even the Harlot of Europe would be a sane voice to maybe convince that Tanzband could be released and even the unfortunate Freja to come to Australia as well.

Rolling over on her mattress, she reached down into a desk, and looked out at the courtyard beyond Solidor Manor. "All understand same moon, all under the same sky." She said looking up into space and pulled out a pen to begin her draft.


I hope this letter finds you in good health. I understand that Europe does not toast to my health but I pray that you will read these words before tossing it to the side. I come as a figure of forgiveness and asylum much as I used to be before our world descended into constant chaos as it has this day. In recent news, I see that Albert Tanzband and a woman named Freja have been placed on trial for their disservice to Germany. But I beg of you, please give them solace and allow them to come to Australia for political asylum. No one deserves to die, Albert Tanzband in a great man in the world's eyes and saved millions of people from the disaster of nuclear holocaust and Freja I know all too well has functioned as a strong diplomat and advisor to various leaders. Please, allow them passage to Australia, my people and I myself will be eternally grateful for your kindness and understanding.

There has been a rift between Europeans and Hanseatics for too long. Let this be the beginning to mend the sins of the past.


Sarah Tintagyl

H.G, Duchess of Brisbane

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"We'll be watching this closely, for shenanigans may be a result of this."

*Private to Deutschland*

"Both Tanzband and Freja will, as strange as it may sound, be allowed to seek asylum in the GDR. We may not be as militaristic as their homeland, but at least we're Germans. Gotta count for something."

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*Private Communications to Deutschland*

"We have noticed you will soon be beginning a Trial of a high-profile subject, Tanzband. Dranagg offers indefinite length of custody to the subject should Deutschland wish to send him somewhere. This includes the guarantee that allies of the subject will not make trouble for Deutschland by attempting to acquiring him and fuel their political machine against Deutschland.

For your consideration"

Foreign Relations Office, Dranagg

Captain Cor

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The Tahoe Republic offers diplomatic protection and a new home for any exiles from Deutschland, where they will be given the passport of a Tahoan National (essentially a citizen without the right to vote, but protection under Tahoan law...as opposed to residents who have limited rights)

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"All those exiled from Germany may seek asylum in Zargathia as full citizens if they so wish. You will of course need to follow obligatory language classes to learn one (or both) of the national languages of (British) English and Chinese if you do not know them already, but other than that we place no further restrictions that do not apply to any other citizen as well."

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"Look at them mobilizing their troops. They're probably hoping for the worst. Like vultures gathering over someone when they think that death is near...at the slightest change. Disgusting." Said Tambarskjelve to himself. But the Government made no official statements.

The Letter was read, but the judge and Tanzband would never be allowed to read it. As for the judge, to ensure a trial as objective as possible. As for Tanzband, simply to make him believe that nobody cared.

In the meantime, the exiled ones took their time to pick their new homes. A number of the higher profile ones, including Heimdall and Freja, had chosen Dalmatia due to still believing in Nordic Socialism, and being either way displeased with its removal from the German scene. The rest were divided among the rest of the countries, but Tahoe was particularily favored due to its Nordlandic community.

The Government still pretended that nothing special had happened...but for how long?

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Volksfuhrer Magnus Ragnarson and over a thousand from the Nordlandic community in Tahoe were at the airport to greet the exiles from Germany as they arrived in Tahoe. They were taken to the Great Hall of the Nordic People in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, the headquarters of the Nordlandic community and introduced to community leaders before being taken to their new homes on the Olympic Pensinsula, the region of Tahoe with the largest percentage of Nordlandic folk.

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OOC: Yes. But Tambar thinks that the world spins around Germany. lol.


Tambarskjelve was disgusted at the news. In his eyes, the Nordic Socialists had been as guilty of the problems of his Fatherland as much as the Democratic Fundamentalists. As he tried to fight against them to renew Germany's image on the world stage, instead he seemed to make the nation more popular for the wrong reasons on his eyes. By cracking down on the NordSocs he seemed to cause the opposite effects from what he wanted, and by placing Tanzband on a wrong category, he seemed to gain more popularity.

He wondered what to do for long nights. The trial would begin in only hours. His instinct told him to do as he had always learned to do before: Grab the axe and push forwards. But the rational part of his mind seemed to disagree. Maybe the usual strategy would not work.


The trial begins.

Cameras served as witnesses as the trial was transmitted through a channel specially dedicated to this - "The Justice Channel", which essentially was built to keep track of every trial publically to ensure that the population at large could keep this part of the Government in check. The judges were seven, and Tanzband would rely on his own means for his defence. The accuser was The State, which began by presenting its charges...

State Treason - Failing to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the State, working against it instead of cooperating and ultimately betraying it for personal gain.

Conspiracy - Conspiring with Sarah Tintagyl personally and allowing oneself to be influenced to think and then act against the Government, cooperating and creating plans accordingly to this.

State Fundwasting - Wasting State Funds needlessly with the Sarah Tintagyl affair.

Separatism - Quickly precipitating the end of the Nordlandic Government and using this as a chance to acquire nearly twice as land as the Prussian state occuipied prior to the Merger.

Collaborationism - Collaborating with the enemy once that the war began, delivering the rest of the Nordlandic Sectors to the enemy defenseless for exchange of their recognition of his new Land Claims.

Murder - Covering all the deaths caused both within and outside Nordland and Germany due to these actions.

Odal Treason - Rejecting Nordlandic Culture, Values and Peoples and instead favoring Greed and Lust, leading to all of the above.

-It was a huge battery of different charges created by the Government. It's Legal Representative, Dr. Erich Rolfsson van Mijland, will be in charge of explaining each, and then giving Tanzband a chance to respond. Then the Judges may make questions to each of the parts. The exposure of Tanzband's private life would be a part of several charges, and this would also touch the issues of the Nordlandic War, everyone seemed to discuss these issues everywhere now.

OOC: Anyone wants to play any of the parts excepting Tanzband's? That'd make this thread far better, since the argumentation and eventual arguments can be more real then.

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Tanzband is a hero, a man who personally saved millions of lives, an inspiration of our time.

This isn’t justice, it’s a show trail, those who are unable understand why a Greater Nordland Reich failed are attempting to assign blame to Nordland’s failure.

It’s a shame Deutschland hasn’t moved forward, rather than remaining entrenched in fanciful nostalgia.

State Treason, Conspiracy, State Fundwasting, Separatism, Collaborationism, Murder, and Odal Treason - only one of those charges holds any truth. Albert Tanzband isn’t guilty of anything other than misappropriating state funds, where the prosecution is completely correct in their assessment, he really was wasting state funds needlessly with the Sarah Tintagyl affair. Of course Sarah Tintagyl had similar liaisons with most every male head of state who wasn’t Generalissimo or Sean O'Deaghaidh, and I’m not entirely sure about Generalissimo, so it’s really more Sarah’s fault than Albert’s.

If justice is not served to our satisfaction, which is unlikely in this travesty of justice, Procinctia simply will cease to recognize Deutschland – and call for the international community to disengage Deutschland completely.


From the office of Liska Atka, acting Generalissimo of Procinctia

Edited by Generalissimo
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OOC: Well then. It is dealt with charge by charge, first the accuser puts forwards his evidence and all that which he denounced him with to begin with and then Tanzband replies with his words and truths. But only one charge at a time.

When all charges have been dealt with, questions can be made.

After that, the first part of the trial is closed and the judges run an investigation to research Tanzband's claims as well as the accuser's claims and compare these finds to the given testimonies. So basically it is the accuser's words vs the defender's words - but the judges have a team which verifies them to see which one is being truthful.

I need someone to play the Accuser. As for the judges, they're several, so they can be a few different people. I'll be Tanzband myself, plus one of the judges.


The German Government finally issues a small statement,

"Travesty of justice? The trial hasn't even begun! You're running your mouth too soon. Why don't you wait until the trial is over so you can speak about its result rather than pretending that you can oversimplify it all and predict it all? Don't you think bringing these issues to public discussion is the right thing to do? Or would you prefer if we would do as the rest that have simply swept the past under the carpet as if nothing had happened - Like every other country out there. We're not going to pretend nothing has taken place. That is why the trials are for. Look at the ones we have conducted already - some were exiled, some were absolved, some have varying degrees of guilt. These are no blanket trials. Finally, we would be glad to see the entire world disengage from us, however, not even an insular country is an Island, and this would be childish at best."


At the same time, a rumor is spreading that after the trial the German Government may impose a national ban on Nordic Socialism.

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