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Trade Circle?


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Here's TheBFG's trade circle manual:

+ Don't be in a hurry, this takes time (7-14 days usually) to be done well, and don't give up - it can be done although it doesn't always seem likely.

+ List what you want, why you want it and how others who you want to join you will benefit, all within 1000 letters (or whatever the in-game PM maximum is).

+ Start looking how many nations on your colour have certain combinations of what you want (use the advanced search options). You don't have to try all different combinations (unless you're bored), but you need to get an idea of what is a rare combination so that you can work towards not needing that combination.

+ Start spamming people that have certain combinations, but do this targeted. I mean, first option would be people who don't have a complete trade set, second option would be people with rubbish trades. Don't PM people with one of the normal combos, they are likely to be happy with it and won't change, you'll just end up annoying them and wasting PM space.

+ Usually the first 2 or 3 are easy to get together since you can get any combination of resources together, after that it becomes harder because you have to get targeted combinations. During this time keep the people who've already agreed on board by keeping them informed. Last thing you need is for a nation to agree to come in, only for another to give up on it. Make sure everybody understands that it can take some time.

+ The 6th nation is usually not very hard to get on board, since the proposition for the 6th is very attractive (here's a ready-made trade circle for you to join...). Nrs 4 and 5 are the hard ones, don't give up during that time.

+ Be patient, and don't give up

+ Did I mention the being patient bit? and the not giving up?

Basically its a pain to do (I've done it 3 times), but definitely worth it for trade-stability.

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