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The end of the Steinhammer


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=Military Testing Facility=

Latitude: 64°20'42.42"N

Longitude: 27° 4'4.38"E

[[it's the entire island]]

Several members of parliament stood along with the generals of the Mechanized divisions. Infront of them were two things, a rather massive Steinhammer-G, and a smaller tank, some distance away from it.


th_MTAMannerheimFront.png <--clicky--

A man in a gray trench coat with a black peaked cap, the Finnish Republican Army Engineers symbol on the front, stood before the assembled people. "Gentlemen, there are certain people who believe the future of the tank is large, with oversized engines, environmentally friendly, and with an extremely large gun. Secondary, the name Steinhammer is absurd. It implies something that is unwieldy, and dates back to the Ubersteinian era. We need to honor the new Finland, not cling to the past. I present to you, the Mannerheim, named after the man who held off the Soviets in the Winter War. Notice how it is three meters shorter than the Steinhammer-G, allowing it a smaller turning radius, a lighter weight, and creating a smaller target. It has a wider crew compartment while keeping the same four meter width, and it's height is only 2.72 meters, making it shorter. It's barrel reaches back inside the turret enough to allow the caliber of 120mm to be 6.25 meters in length, while only exposing 4.25 meters of the barrel. It can elevate 10 degrees vertically, both directions. Not only that, but we have abandoned the insanity of the natural gas powered wankle engine. It was a good idea, but maintenance and reality have gotten in the way. We simply don't have the materials to make a wankle that doesn't kill itself."

The presentation continued for hours, including a presentation of the vehicle's mobility and speed. Eventually it was agreed that the Steinhammer-G would be moved to an artillery use, and the Mannerheim would become the new MBT of Finland.

Height: 2.72 m

Length: 7m

Width: 4m

Weight: 55.5 Tonnes

Crew: 3 (Commander/Driver/Gunner)

Primary Armament: 120mm L52 Main Gun w/ autoloader (45 Rounds/12 shots per minute)

Secondary Armament:

12.7mm Co-axial machine gun

12.7mm Gunner's hatch machine gun

24 20mm smoke grenades

6 40mm IR-Disturbing grenades

Armor: I.L.P Plates*/NERA "Honeycombed" in titanium frame/Composite Ceramic/Spaced/RHS/Kevlar

+/- Cage Armor

+/- External NERA blocks

Engine: 8 cylinder Diesel (1500 hp)

Transmission: 3 forward, 1 reverse

Speed: 71 km/h

Range: 550 km

Special Features:

+Laser-Detection Technology (Warns commander if tank is targeted by laser beacons/sights)

+Sealed internal environment (Protected against Radiation and Biological weapons)

+Fire-On-The-Move Technology (Gyro-stabilized turret)

+4-digit radio encryption and wireless tank-to-tank tactical feeds.

+Fire control computers that calculate wind speed, humidity, barrel droop, range, and other ballistic data.

+Overpressure blow-out plate for ammunition storage to prevent explosion from going into crew compartment if ammo is hit.

+Overpressure release valve for crew compartments to prevent fatal air compression.


*Internal Low Pressure plates.


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