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We're not In Kansas anymore...


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We got bored, decided We needed a fresh start and something to do.. so we are now here... bringing The Classic movie of all time to the world of CN.. welcome to OZ

Oz Forums

#OZ on coldfront


We are here. We go by the name "The OZ" (OZ). We are sticking around for a while. We will decide things as we see fit.

Article 1: The Munchkins

*To Become a Munchkin of OZ, you must first register on our forums, then fill out an application. Must not be in any wars (unless already discussed with The Gate Keepers and thus dealt with). Must owe no debts to other Alliances (again unless discussed with The Gate Keepers and thus dealt with). Set up a time for an interview with one of The Gate Keepers on IRC or an instant messaging program. All new Munchkins have to switch to Blue Team, unless already in a trade circle of their own.

1.1 Code for The Munchkins

*OZ openly accepts Munchkins sticking up for themselves, at their size, someone ought to.

* Munchkins of OZ will be required to either have a sense of humor, or learn one.

1.3 Removal or Resignations

* Resignations are to be done in form of a post in the right area in the OZ Forums, and debts to be paid upon leaving.

*Any Munchkins can be removed at the discretion of The Gate Keepers.

Article 2: Witches and Wizard of OZ

* OZ's Witches and Wizards will be appointed by The Gate Keepers as they see fit unless OZ reaches 30 Munchkins at which point a Witch or Wizard will be appointed by elections.

Article 3: The Gate Keepers

*The Gate Keepers rules over all things, using Witches and Wizards to help them make decisions.

* In the event that any of The Gate Keepers need to step down, the rest of The Gate Keepers will pick his/her replacement.

Article 4: Nation wars (tech raiding/when peace is allowed to be declared/use of nukes/right to defend nation, use spies)

* There will be NO tech raiding in OZ

* There will be NO nukes launched from OZ unless already Approved by The Gate Keepers

* There will be NO peace declared without permission of The Gate Keepers

* There will be NO use of spies on other alliances during peace time

4.2 Alliance wars

* There will be NO decisions made of war until The Gate Keepers have been advised, and then only they can decide on terms

Article 4: Charter Amendments

* The Gate Keepers have the power to change the charter as they see fit, giving notice to the OZ members 48 hours before making it official.


Dorthy of Oz ~ penelope (aka coldielox)

Lion of Oz ~ head_penguin

Scarecrow of Oz ~ Ulysses (aka Tropical)

And as a result of love undying ...



The "Rollin down the Yellow Brick Road" Protectorate


We met.. we fell in love.. now were inseparable.

Article I: Peace and Respect

We have that!

Article II: Protection and Defense

We only have eyes and hands for one another.. but if anyone else chooses to touch one of us, there WILL be


Article III: Aggression and Treaty Signing

We will whisper sweet nothings to each other as often as possible.

Article IV: Cancellation

If we ever decide it best to part, due to how deep we love one another, we will make sure it is on the best of



For OZ:

The Gate Keeper's :

Dorthy: penelope ( aka coldielox)

Lion: head_penguin

Scarecrow: Ulysses ( aka Tropical)

For DiCe:

Mok - the gay Tin Man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQAJKQE3t78)

Kav(Rizan/Paul Cavanaugh) - Ace of Hearts(Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Ralfie - Ace of Diamonds(Minister of Internal Affairs)

*reasons for edit... changing of flag*

Edited by penelope
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Oh, and with your fairly good skills with animation and photo editing, I'm rather disappointed in your flag :( You can do much better, coldie!

i know rite.. im sure that will change soon.. and if you come to the forums, ill make sure to mask you as toto ;)

i just didnt know any ideas on a good flag without it being too noisey.. anyone that has any ideas, is more then welcome to let me know ;)

<3 conner <3

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