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Bounty's would be a great addition to gameplay. Basically you can pay any amount you wish to put that much bounty (or some percentage thereof) on another nation's head. The first nation to declare and win a battle vs them would collect all the bounty.

Bounties would have to be capped, both in terms of number of nations that could pay into it (maybe two) and the total amount.

Say I want the number 1 overall guy to go down. If I pay 50k to the bounty screen it puts a bounty of 50k on his head. 50k is then deducted from my money and he's notified that a bounty has been set on him (and an new bounty in a Global Bounty screen is posted). Obviously no one would dare do that for 50k so it would require a substantial investment to really be effective. This would make a type of black market for bounty collecting.

The drawbacks are there though. This could be exploited to transfer money around, which is why bounties should be considered just like spy-ops and war-slots (no intra-alliance use except rogue). It's also a great reason why the bounty collected should not be as much as the bounty price paid. I think it would be a great motivator for more non-alliance related battles.

If a set time period passes and the bounty is not collected, it could either be forfeited or refunded.

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